The best way to underline your femininity and style is through the help of makeup and there are a myriad of makeup styles out there to choose from, but unfortunately not all of them are in perfect sync with the latest trends. Because celebs rely on image, they tend to turn towards the help of the latest trends in everything from fashion to makeup, so if you’re looking for a great source of inspiration for a new look, check out the following sexy celebrity makeup ideas.

The array of amazing colors and innovative makeup products available today enable you to create a perfect makeup look that underlines your best features. If you wish your look to ooze sexiness, but not to take you towards eccentric, you need to adapt the style and colors you are working with to suit your needs. The following seductive makeup ideas inspired by celebrities can complement most skin tones, so recreate your favorite look and you’ll definitely dazzle with every appearance.

Rihanna Sexy Pink Makeup Look

This season, contemporary makeup is all about naturalness, but if you want to shine, you definitely need a touch of glitter/shimmer. Rihanna is undoubtedly a style icon and radiates style and confidence with every appearance, so no wonder she is included in our top of the hottest makeup ideas inspired by celebrities. A natural beauty such as Rihanna doesn’t need a heavy load of makeup, so if you wish to recreate Riri’s makeup look from the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, use a matte foundation to create a flawless complexion. A touch of soft shimmery pink eyeshadow paired with a sultry black eyeliner both on the upper eyelid and waterline can add that instant innocent glam your eyes need. Finish the look by curling the eyelashes and coating them with a black colored mascara. Balance the rest of your look with a touch of rosy colored blush and a sheer lip gloss.

Kelly Rowland Sexy Makeup Look

Kelly Rowland is all about showing off her femininity and her fuchsia makeup look is definitely one of the best looks she could have opted for. Color is a definite must this summer whether it’s makeup or fashion you’re talking about, so if you’re looking for a hot and fun look, a bright colored makeup can definitely do the trick. A fuchsia and deep purple mix look great especially for brown eyes, so mix these gorgeous hues and bring out your sexy eyes. Add even more depth to your look by lining the waterline using a fuchsia or black colored eyeliner and coat the eyelashes using a black colored mascara to make them stand out. Finish by adding just a touch of blush to your cheeks and a lovely fuchsia or hot pink matte lipstick on your lips.

Keri Hilson Sexy Eye Makeup Look

Make your eyes lure attention by making them pop through gorgeous shimmery earth tones such as Keri Hilson. Gold an blue are two hues which complement each other well and look amazing when paired with warmer skin tones. If you love adding dimension to your eyes, place the accent on them only while keeping the rest of the makeup natural. Enhance your complexion with some bronzing powder and then concentrate on your eyes. Apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow on the inner third of your eyelid and use the blue on the outer corner and crease to add depth to the look. Blend-in the hues for a uniform transition and accentuate the look even further with a black eyeliner and mascara. A touch of blush and a sheer lip gloss are all you need next to look amazing.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images, PR Photos