Natural looks took over the leading position when it comes of the A/W makeup trends. Therefore it’s time to enrich your selection of barely there makeup looks with a few ideas that would bring out the most of your beautiful Latina complexion. Indeed the following classy Latina makeup ideas play up the best spots of your face from the skin tone to sensual lips as well as dense and long eyelashes. All you have to do is keep in mind a few guidelines before beginning your makeover and raiding the store for brand new shades and textures. Learn the main traits of your complexion as well as eye color in order to pull off an A-list look as the ones showed by our favorite Latina divas from Hollywood as well as the music industry.

Brown Smokey Eyes

Indeed black smokey eyes are the most popular ideas to enhance the beauty of your glimpse, however in your case it is a must to choose shades that suit your golden skin tone therefore it’s time to switch things up and choose from the endless shades of brown and gold. Brown smokey eyes rival the smashing effect of the classy style as these accentuate the beauty of the olive and sun-kissed tan and have the power also to bring out both blue, gray as well as hazel eyes. Opt for this alternative with great confidence and learn how to juggle with the various shades. Grab a palette that has various shades and use a brown eyeliner if you wish first and foremost to define the shape of your eyes.

Charming Eyelashes

It would be a real pity to forget about your eyelashes. One of the golden rules of makeup is indeed to enhance our lashes with the best formulas that suit their length and also texture. Charming eyelashes can be best achieved with the help of the endless variations of mascara from the once that create a plumping effect to those who create the illusion of super-long and out-of-this-world lashes. For a deep and piercing glimpse make sure you top your eye makeup with mascara and make it black even though you chose a brown smokey eyes. This is the ultimate solution to set your fabulous and deep eyes into the spotlight. It is also important to keep your lashes in their best shape with the various enhancing formulas be it natural or cosmetic.

Rosy Cheeks

Latino divas often appeal to the use of blush or bronzer in order to bring out those cheekbones. One of the A-list solutions to play with the proportions of the face is to choose the best shades and textures of blush and pair it with your complexion tone. Those who have darker skin tone can choose from the prominent and deeper rosy or pink tones others blessed with a paler complexion tone should limit themselves to a lighter tint in order to preserve their neat and natural look. If you decide to make a statement with your blush you better apply it to the perfect spots namely to the cheekbones and head upwards. Use cream or liquid blush depending on your skin type.

Kissable Lips

If you’ve completed your eye makeup the next step would be to make those lips more appealing and kissable. The best lip makeup for Latinas varies according to preferences. Some dare to be different and decide to promote the red lip trend which is indeed revealing of the temperament of Latina, however in most of the cases your makeup might look overdone if you stick to this provocative and eye-popping shade. Instead why not try out some of the natural and pastel tones as well as candy shades as pink and nude and peach. Choose the colors that complement your skin tone as well as eye makeup. Use a lip liner to define the fine lines and then apply the lipstick or lip gloss in the dream shades.