Get Ciara’s Make-Up!

African-American girls have a wide variety of skin tones – from lighter to darker and everything in between. Ciara is definitely one of  those blessed with fab skin and doll-like features, and her choice in makeup are just as flawless. The singer usually turn towards universally flattering tones, earth tones with a certain degree of sheerness to give her skin just the right amount of glow. For those times that she wants to obtain a piercing gaze Ciara focuses on defined eyes, and thankfully, with the help of an eyeliner, one can create a sultry makeup without too much effort. This easy make-up will compliment every skin tone, so just follow these simple steps and make the best out of your features!

Step 1:Instead of a smoky eye, Ciara’s almond-shaped eyes are accentuated with liquid eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the very outer corner of the eye, winging out the eyeliner every so slightly.

TipBefore applying liquid eyeliner, wipe the excess amount of liquid from the brush for a smooth, even application.

Use a small eyeshadow brush and blend the top edge of the liquid liner. This gives the eye a softer, smoldering look.

Step 2:Warm up the eyelid with rich, earthy tones , blending each color together. Then, add volume and length to eyelashes first by curling them and then applying a volumizing mascara. To create added volume, take the tip of the mascara wand and separate each lash. And to prevent clumps, wipe the wand down to remove excess mascara before applying to lashes.

Step 3:Keep it soft and feminine. Use a lip pencil blended into a gloss for a wash of color.