Try your hand at the most spectacular and faddish makeup ideas inspired by celeb looks. Indeed their glimpse is radiating and attracts the spotlight right away. In order to enjoy the same praises as they do make sure you arm yourself up with the latest makeup formulas as well as shades that would make a smashing impression when fused into a memorable look. The chic celebrity cat eye makeup ideas are some of the most fabulous ideas and designs to sport for the season. Dare to be different and refuse to limit yourself to the classy patterns, instead experiment with the dapper shades and stick only to the technique of application of you wish in order to ensure the best outcome of your eye makeup. Scout some of the cute cat eye makeup examples illustrated below for a voguish inspiration.

Gray Cat Eye Makeup

Black and gray is the safest and most classy combo to adopt for a cat eye makeup. Those who have difficulties with choosing the best shades might take into consideration this alternative. Moreover the silverish as well as matte gray hues complement all eye colors as well as shapes. Find out which is the best design that suits your preferences from the softened and classy looks to the edgy and more eye-catching ones. Nicole Richie shows us how to land the trend on the red carpet and pair it with a fabulous and sparkling gown.

Define your eyes with the help of black eyeliner make this a must have phase before you would head to the next sections of your makeover. Use a pencil or creamy textures that would suit your skin type. In order to create the cat eye look enhance your eyes with a winged eyeliner look this way paving the way for the rest of your eye makeup. Then apply the gray shades either in different tones or use a bloc-colored hue to cover your lids with care and precision. Finish up the look with black mascara.

Lavender Cat Eye Makeup

Are you more of an adventurer type then why not experiment with the colorful cat eye makeup designs as the one showed by Keri Hilson in the oh-so-popular shade, purple. A similar lavender cat eye makeup can be easily created with the help of eye shadow and an eye pencil of the same shade. Radiating confidence is what the R’N’B’ diva transmits with her unconventional and dapper makeup. If you are one of the devoted fans of rainbow colored makeup feel free to try your hand at this one here. In this case define your eyes with a purple colored eyeliner or pencil.

Then head to the next level and put on the eye shadow. Make sure you adopt the right pattern of the cat eye and line your eyes according to this. Use a shimmery hue or limit yourself to the matte and pastel shades for a less glamorous look. Don’t forget about mascara in order to top your appearance with lush and extra-long lashes.

Red Cat Eye Makeup

Rihanna is indeed a fan of the exquisite and edgy makeup designs. Therefore those who share her fondness for non-traditional patterns should embrace the red cat eye makeup above. Indeed the guaranteed standing ovation is given by the pro application of the shades as well as the definition of the eyes with the best makeup products and shades.

In order to set the perfect base for this makeup use a red eye liner and draw the fine lines and angles of your eyes. use creamy textures if you have normal and dry skin, on the other hand pencils are perfect to suit the oily complexion. Apply this to the upper and also lower lashline for that out-of-this-world allure. Then take the makeup kit and use the red shades to cover your lids. Use the darker tones to the outer corner of the eyes in order to create the cat eye pattern. Crown the look with mascara, make it black for the best means to accentuate your long lashes.

White Cat Eye Makeup

The black and white combo works for all eye colors and shapes, therefore use it when you are in need of a life-saving idea to keep your reputation as a real style-puss. Leona Lewis with her supernatural beauty allure shows you how to team up your unique features with a similar popular makeup trend and conquer the top position of the red carpet beauty list.

Similarly to the earlier examples keep your eyeliner at hand and start the application of the makeup with this product. Make sure you keep the eyeliner at the outer corner this time. In order to open and illuminate the eyes apply white into the inner corner of the eyes. This acts as an instant eye-brightener, then apply grayish or silver to the outer corner of the lids and finish the whole makeover with black mascara that complement your lash type.