Bombshell Cheryl Cole demonstrates that she’s got modelling skills besides her singing talent as the diva teamed up with Stylist magazine to put on display the hottest eye makeup trends of the new season. Gracing the cover of Stylist, April 2012, Cheryl Cole looks sensational and the experience she has gathered along her career definitely shows as the 28 year old singer strikes a cool pose to emphasize the sizzling eye makeup styles she adopted for the photo spread.

Eye makeup has the power of accentuating features to perfection, creating an irresistible allure that can lean towards elegant or edgy, depending on the style chosen. Makeup can be used to manipulate the eye shape, so if you wish to diminish certain characteristics such as minimizing the appearance of deep set or wide set eyes or minimizing the look of droopy eyelids, there are various methods of makeup application to help you create the desired effect. If you’re searching for a sizzling eye makeup look to help you stop traffic this summer, take a peek at Cheryl Cole’s hot eye makeup looks presented by Stylist magazine and start glamorizing your look to perfection.

Cheryl Cole Presents the Hottest Eye Makeup Looks in Stylist Magazine Cheryl Cole Presents the Hottest Eye Makeup Looks in Stylist Magazine

Lacquered eyes can give you a super sensual look that steals the spotlight every time. This is a high impact look that packs a high dose of style, so give it a try by applying a gel eyeliner on the upper lash line, extending it outwards to obtain a sexy cat eye effect. Apply a black eyeshadow over using a brush and add a touch of Vaseline to the center of the eyelid to achieve that high gloss shine that makes this makeup look irresistible. Finish the look by lining the eyes using a khol eyeliner and a heavy coat of mascara for your eyelashes as only this way the result will be the one you’re aiming for.

Bronzed eye makeup is, according to Stylist’s makeup artists, the easiest eye makeup look to achieve and with its high glamor finish, resisting its beauty will be quite the challenge. Achieve the look by applying a light reflecting concealer on the eyelid, right up to the brow bone as well as under the eye and set the product using a translucent powder. Apply a khol eyeliner across the waterline, both upper and lower, and then use the eyeliner to create an ‘egg shape’ across the lid, over which you will press glitter using a brush. Swap away any stray glitter to create a perfect shape using a clean makeup brush and finish the look with plenty of mascara. Because of the high intensity, glitzy-glam finish, this makeup look is definitely a party makeup look.

Cheryl Cole Presents the Hottest Eye Makeup Looks in Stylist Magazine Cheryl Cole Presents the Hottest Eye Makeup Looks in Stylist Magazine

Graphic eye makeup has a certain vintage elegance behind it, so it is a look that mixes elegance with edginess. The new season has placed plenty of accent on this look as it is sexy and not too difficult to obtain. Achieve the look by applying a nude eye makeup base on the eyelid and look down before you start to line the upper eyelid starting from the inner corner of the eye, working your way towards the outer corner. Before reaching the outer corner, flick the line upwards to create a cool cat-eye effect and work your way back to intensify the look. Finish the look by pulling the skin gently diagonally upwards around temple level and line the lower eye lid starting from the outer corner towards the center of the eye diagonally and coat your eyelashes with a heavy coat of mascara.

Sculpted eye makeup is all about fierce sexiness and style, so achieve this amazing makeup look with an eyeshadow base across the eyelid. Use a black eyeliner pencil to define the eyes by sweeping gently the eyeliner across the lashline, smudging the line through with your finger or an angled brush. Line the outer corner of the eye gently up and then curve the line back around into the crease to give the look more oomph and blur-out the effect using a blending brush. Once you have created the effect, apply ‘a taupe eyeshadow across the lid and up to the brow, pressing a deep-grey shade of shadow over the kohl arc’. Finish the look by curling your eyelashes and coating them using a black colored mascara.

Check out the exact steps and makeup products used to create Cheryl Cole’s hot eye makeup looks in the April 2012 issue of Stylist. Photos courtesy of Stylist