Dates are fun especially if you have the chance to prepare with the most stylish outfit, hairdo as well as makeup design. Skimming through the most spectacular celeb looks is indeed one of the most common ideas to guarantee the flawless allure of your makeup. Experimenting with the various shades as well as textures and designs might seem challenging however practice makes the master therefore it is highly recommended to show what you got and polish your skills to perfection. Let your friends and admirers drooling with envy each time you flaunt your brand new makeup. The following celebrity-inspired date makeup ideas would leave you and more, your date breathless. Rock the versatile trends to mesmerize everyone around you with your high class makeup.

Pink Lips

Special events as a date scream for a sensuous and girly makeup. In this case the pink tinted lips would do miracles with your look enhancing your dainty features with softness and femininity. Pairing the bare eyes with a similar vibrating pout is indeed the secret recipe to charm your date and stay chic all throughout the season. Celebrities are also fond of the show-stopping effect these radiating shades can transmit. If you are brave and curious enough to find out the effect of a similar hue on your appearance make sure you choose pink to make a fab statement. The various shades of pink from the light and candy tones to the bright and sight-popping ones all were crowned must have lip makeup colors for the season. Draw some inspiration from the celeb look of Camilla Belle that speaks for the girly allure as well as refined beauty sense of the young teen idol.

Golden Makeup

Your eyes might be hazel, green or blue the point is to pick the best shades that would bring them into the spotlight enhancing your look with a fairy-like allure. The magic is indeed created by the perfect combo of golden eyes and nude lips. In order to achieve a textbook style gorgeous look make sure you let your glimpse dominate the makeup. Find out the best techniques for the application of the eye shadow and eye liner in order to suit your eye shape. Furthermore it is advisable complete the eye makeup with mascara that would further boost the prominence of the eyes. Dress down your lips with a classy and kiss-friendly nude tone as one of the favorite makeup trends of guys. Make sure the makeup suits your personality and add your charisma to make it more memorable and charming as the one sported by Diane Kruger.

Coral Makeup

Katy Perry is famous of her fondness for sight-pleasing and vibrating makeup designs. In this case she pays tribute to the universal shade of coral paired with stylish metallic eyes. The contrast of the two shades indeed brings out the best of the versatile personality as well as flirty features of the young diva. Dress up your eyes with the silverish shades and apply the eye shadow after lining the soft shape of your eyes with a black eyeliner.

In order to open and brighten up your glimpse make sure you apply the same hue to the lower lashline attracting immediate attention to your eyes. A similar complex makeup trend also asks for pout perfection. In this case coral is the real deal to make an amazing impression. Those who are invited to a nighttime date and would like to honor the event with a drop-dead-gorgeous makeup should follow the example above and sport the latest makeup trends of the season.

Ivory Makeup

White is the name of the game if you wish to turn yourself into a real ice queen. This trend might seem pompous and flamboyant as Rihanna embedded it into a fabulous red carpet look. However white makeup can be also sported matched with casual chic or formal looks if you have the proper skills to dress down your look. As in this case choose a sparkling ivory shade if keen to shift the spotlight to the glimpse and enhance the beauty of your lashes with a mascara that creates the illusion of super-lengthy and out-of-this-world stage lashes. The best tricks however to stay true to your fondness of a natural look is to stain your lips with nude lipstick of gloss.