Celebrities often adopt a past still glamorous makeup style for the red carpet events as well as other important ceremonies. Their look is the best blueprint that can be easily copycatted if learning more about the most essential tools and makeup techniques of application. These celebrity retro-inspired makeup ideas would offer you the pleasure to challenge your beauty skills and step into the footsteps of retro chic fans. Choose the proper shades as well as keep an eye on the various phases of creating a textbook style retro makeup. Flaunt your style-awareness with these looks especially when you wish to stand out from the crowd and make an overwhelming impression on others.

Fair Skin

One of the signature elements of retro-inspired makeups especially that of the Pin-Up look is fair skin. Those who might not have this complexion shade still have all the necessary tricks at hand to fake this look. Use foundation and more importantly the perfect shade of face powder to apply it to your skin and still preserve the natural effect of your makeup. The high quality formulas would succeed in creating the most natural impression of your spotless face. Hide the eventual skin problems and acne scars if you have by rocking the perfect makeup base which indeed prepares the canvas for the rest of the makeup. Set the proper base to be able to perfect a similar makeup look as showed by Sophia Bush.

Smokey Eyes with Winged Eyeliner

Classy makeup often concentrates on the glimpse when it comes of fabulous and crowd-pleasing looks. This time swap the trademark black eye shadow for metallic shades and brown to create the smokey eyes design illustrated on the pic. Use a creamy eyeliner to draw the shape of your eyes and bring out your eye color. This piercing and mesmerizing retro-inspired eye makeup looks best when paired with a dapper formal wear as it might seem overdone when matched with a casual chic apparel. Therefore honor the special moments with your smokey eye look and top the effect with the latest winged eyeliner makeup tendency that takes makeup to the next level and helps you rock the most stunning on trend eye makeup design.

Peachy Blush

The Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks is one of the greatest and most loyal fans of retro-inspired fashion as well as makeup styles. In this case the application of the peachy blush that perfectly suits her fair skin tone and hair color is the trick that should be copycatted on the spot. Choose from the powder as well as creamy blush formulas that would make you feel comfortable and banish the plain appearance of your face. Add a patch of color with this girly makeup trick and make sure you pair the right shade be it rosy or peachy with the natural tone of your complexion. Apply it to the cheekbones and head upwards to set the perfect pattern for an A-list makeup.

Glam Red Lips

Enlisting all the must have elements of a retro-inspired makeup peaks in the one and only detail that is a 100% the trademark signs of a similar look. Namely red lips in the endless shades of this color would serve as the best accessory to crowd a similar look and enhance our appearance with that ‘femme fatale’ allure. Choose a pout that would not only suit your skin tone but can also define the shape of your lips. Kissable lips were always associated with the sophisticated makeup tendencies of the past. Therefore if you decide to dress up your look and skip the eye makeup make sure you still have a red lipstick at hand for emergencies.