If you're in a bad need of useful beauty tips when it comes of uber-special events as a date it is worth taking a closer glimpse at the most faddish looks of the beauty icons of the moment. These Celebrity First Date Makeup Ideas will provide you with the most dazzling options on how to emphasize your most flattering features in a subtle and at the same time professional way. Go for the universally flattering hues and textures to complete your makeover with an A+.

Whether you like things more natural or wish to make a smashing statement right at the first impression, you'll have the chance to find the most suitable makeup style if you take a closer look at the prominent looks of celebrities. Those who still wish to experiment with brand new ideas can skim through this brief list of celebrity first date makeup ideas. Take a peek at the colors and textures used to create a fabulous and romantic look either in a classy and modest or more glamorous and glittery way. Pair the right design to personality in order to pull off a scene-stealing ans definitely fail-safe look for this special event.

Blake Lively is one of the most venerated beauty icons of the time. She knows very well which makeup style would bring out her best assets at every event. Regardless of being on the screen or a red carpet show she is aware that it is extremely important to choose a suitable and flattering makeup. This copper eye makeup complemented with pretty pink lips is indeed the best option for those who wish to play with the visual effect glittery eyes can create. Use the pastel or metallic variations of copper to build up a romantic and at the same time eye-popping look.Top your glimpse with mascara that will do magic with your lashes.

Dakota Fanning stays true to her youthful allure and relies simply on the fabulous vibe of the cat eye makeup. Indeed this style suits her perfectly and preserves the fresh and natural looking aura of her appearance. Choose a liquid or gel eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes and sport a similar retro-chic look that would definitely win the heart of your partner. Practice the application of eyeliners until you'll be able to do it like a real pro. Use waterproof formulas to keep your makeup smudge-free.Crown the barely there makeup with nude lips which allows to keep the focus on the glimpse and make it even more prominent and catchy.

Kirsten Dunst is indeed a fabulous and eye-catching presence on the red carpet as she grant all the fans with endless ideas on how to sport an universally flattering makeup. Choose silver and a metallic eye makeup design to make sure your appearance won't be overlooked. Without a doubt, who could resist a similarly appealing glimpse. Use silver eye shadow and apply a tiny amount also at the inner corner of your eyes to make the look even more fairy-like. Finish up the makeup with mascara for the hottest lashes as well as nude lips to keep things classy and refined.