Celebrity Eye Makeup SecretsDiscover the tips, the techniques celebrities make-up artists use to get fabulous eye make-up! Why does celebrity makeup always look so perfect? Celebrity makeup artists have tons of tips and techniques for applying makeup that most people never heard of! Want to be one of the few in-the-know? Glam-up your eyes with these super tricks!

How To: Bring Out Eye Color

Smudge either liner or shadow in black, brown, navy, or dark gray to the top and bottom lash lines. Apply faux lashes and/or curl the lashes, give them several coats of mascara, and voila!!

How To: Wear Eyebrow Powder

Subtly brush eyebrows first. After dipping an angled brush into eyebrow powder, control the amount of product you apply by first sweeping the brush against a paper towel or tissue. It’s better to apply powder sparingly in small increments where needed, then brush eyebrows again to soften and distribute powder.

How To: Keep Eyeshadow From Creasing

A powder shadow will be better than a cream shadow. But if you prefer a cream shadow, mix it with a little bit of powder shadow in the same shade. This will keep it from creasing quickly. You may also want to prep the area with a mattifying foundation or concealer, so your natural oils do not smudge your color.

How To: Look More Alert

The most instantaneous way to look more alert is to splash your face with cold water then pat dry with a soft face cloth. Get rid of red eyes by using plenty of hydrating eye drops. (Visine will do the trick).Next, use a hydrating eye mask that contains retinol, which will brighten the under-eye area and upper cheekbone. Finish up by applying a tinted moisturizer or your usual foundation. Open up your eyes by curling your lashes.

How To: Curl Eyelashes

A bit of patience is all you need. Press the curler slowly at the base of the lashes, then crimp the inner part of the eyelashes first, and slowly move the curler out, crimping as you go to the tip. A spoon works just as well: Slide eyelashes against the outer edge of a spoon and twist the spoon upward against the lashes to create the curl.You may have to repeat this process several times.

How To: Apply Faux Lashes Like a Pro

First select the right lashes to complement your eye shape. You may have to cut them to fit the span of your natural lash line, or go for individual lashes that give your eyes a lift where they need it. Always choose human hair over synthetic fibers. Apply the glue to the base of the lash with tweezers, which are more precise than fingers. Start by applying the lashes from the outer corner, pressing as he moves inward toward the eye.

How To: Avoid Raccoon Eyes

Before applying eye makeup, dust on a translucent loose powder under the eyes. When you’re finished making up your eyes, just remember to brush off the excess powder.

How To: Avoid Clumpy Mascara

Make sure that your wand is not overloaded with mascara-take some off with a tissue before applying. After applying mascara, comb through the lashes with a clean wand.

How To: Create Deep-Set Eyes

Pick a dark color, such as taupe, brown, dark brown, or dark gray, and apply it on the eyelid and eye crease. You can make this effect more dramatic by outlining shadow with a dark eyeliner.For an evening look, you can also thicken the line beyond the crease, toward the eyebrow.