Get in touch with your inner beauty bunny side and explore these fabulous makeup designs. Enhance your glimpse and lips with a tint of glam using a radiant and more prominent color palette. Find your way through the multitude of beauty trends and stick to the ones that suit your personality and features.

The following celebrity makeup ideas will arm you up with the best inspiration for your stylish makeover. Check out how these beauty icons managed to master the art of mix/matching the various neon and radiant hues to create a va-va-voom impression with their look. Follow their footsteps and practice these makeup tricks to know your options for the spring season.

Green Eyes Makeup Celebrity Style

Green Eye Makeup

Katerina Graham knows how to nail down the colorful eye makeup. This time, she opted for green to emphasize her fab eye color and skin tone. The many shades of green turn out to be some of the high street tools to create a bright makeup. Define your eyes with a refined eyeliner, then tint your lids with the various green shades. Finish up your eye makeup with mascara to enhance the beauty of your lashes. Keep the lips natural and choose a nude colored lipstick as the best pouch. Copycat Katerina Graham’s look to make sure you shine through the mass with your exquisite and radiant appearance.

Purple Eye Makeup Celebrity Style

Purple Eye Makeup

Bright makeup ideas can be easily turned into ladylike beauty weapons. Check out the fabulous multi-tonal purple eye makeup of Cristina Aguilera. Isn’t it mesmerizing how she managed to build up the professionally inspired eye makeup? If you’re also impressed by her beauty, make sure you experiment with the same trend. Use a sophisticated eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes. Then proceed to the next level and grab the eye shadow palette and start layering the various shades of purple. Pay special attention to the tiniest details to guarantee the desired outcome of your makeover. Crown the eye makeup design with mascara to dress up your glimpse with unearthly glam. Tint your lips with a peach or pink colored lip gloss or lipstick.

Bold Pink Lips Makeup

Bold Pink Lips

Pink lips are some of the dominating beauty trends of the season. Pick the most flattering shades that can be easily embedded into your casual chic and also party glam makeup styles. Plump your lips with a similar eye-catching hue and make sure you adapt the rest of your makeup to this detail. Check out the look worn by Kat Graham on the red carpet to see how fabulous pink lips can really be. Adopt a more experimental attitude towards makeup trends and make sure you master the tricks and tips that secure your inspiring appearance all throughout the warm season.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images