One of the more famous American Idol alumni, Carrie Underwood is renowned for her music and for her looks. Check out the best tips for Carrie Underwood makeup.

Winner of the 4th season of American Idol, Carrie Underwood has found success in her country music career, but has also been praised for her luminous skin and excellent makeup. Check out some great tips for the Carrie Underwood makeup, shared by the 29 year old singer.

The 6 time Grammy Awards winner has collected many more Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards prefers to focus on her eyes for the perfect day or evening look.

Carrie Underwood Makeup and Beauty Secrets

Carrie Underwood Makeup Tricks

Changing a day look into a more dramatic evening look is a simple step for the country singer, who claims a few small enhancements can make all the difference.

"For night, I just add some more—more mascara or more eyeliner. And I'll throw a little color on my lips, usually a gloss", she said to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

If you need to change your look fast, the best way to keep your face looking fresh is using good cleansing wipes that can always speed up the makeup removal process.

"I honestly couldn't have lived on my tour bus without cleansing wipes. They're awesome at taking off makeup with just one simple swipe", she explained.

Carrie Underwood Eye Makeup

Renowned for her beautiful eyes, Carrie makes sure she uses a touch of shimmer for completing her look, both on stage and off. "Shimmer eye shadow is a definite 'do'. Whether you're creating a light, natural eye or a dramatic smokey effect, a little goes a long way!", according to Carrie Underwood.

Whether it's created using an eye shadow with a metallic shine or a cold color that can work great for both blondes and brunettes, the Carrie Underwood smokey eye does wonders for a more dramatic evening look, but it can also work for daytime, as the smokey lid, one of the biggest makeup trends of 2013.

Carrie Underwood Makeup and Beauty Secrets Carrie Underwood Makeup and Beauty Secrets

Once you see a few Carrie Underwood pictures without makeup, you can decide for yourself how useful these tips can be. Creating the Carrie Underwood makeup isn't particularly hard once you have all the basics and make sure you're enhancing your eyes while leaving the lips nude or in a softer shade.

Photo courtesy of PR Photos