Here is how you can get Bill Kaulitz makeup look so that you can look stunning regardless of your gender!

Bill Kaulitz the German vocalist from Tokio Hotel became world renowned for the bands hit songs as well as his looks. He has a very distinct look, a look which appeals to most teenagers. He became an inspiration for his fans all over the world when it comes to fashion style, hairstyle and make-up.

Makeup used to be a girls best friend but in the modern world of today it is beginning to be used by guys as well. The makeup look Bill Kaulitz opted for is glam rock inspired. It is a very obvious and powerful makeup which is mostly based on enhancing the eyes.

Bill Kaulitz has beautiful facial features which he knows how to enhance with the help of makeup. The eyeshadow colors he uses for his remarkable makeup is either black or rust. These two colors really bring out the natural color of his eyes, making him look stunning.

Here is how you can get Bill Kaulitz makeup look:

Billy KaulitzBill Kaulitz

- Start with a clean exfoliated face.
- Apply moisturizer to hydrate and nourish your skin so it won't become dry and flaky.
- Apply concealer under the eyes to hide any dark circles and over any pimples or blemishes than need coverage.
- Apply a makeup primer over your face as well as your eye lids so your makeup will set better.
- Apply foundation to obtain a flawless skin and set the foundation with a translucent powder.
- Take a black eyeliner and line your waterline from the inner towards the outer corner of the eye.
- Use a liquid eyeliner, a gel eyeliner or an eyeliner pencil to line your upper lashes as well as your lower lashes. Start by drawing a smooth thinner line from the inner corner of the eye while gradually thickening it as you work your way towards the outer corner.

Take black or rust colored eyeshadow and using a brush apply a generous amount of eyeshadow on your lid following your crease. Apply eyeshadow on your lower lid as well, joining the color at the outer corner of the eyes. Take a blending brush and blend the edges of the eyeshadow well so you get a faded transition or a smokey eye effect. Make sure you don't go passed your brow bone with the eyeshadow blending.

Dust a little bit of black eyeshadow over your eyebrows to give them a well defined shape and color. Use an angled brush to fix the shape of your eyebrows or an eyeliner pencil.

Apply plenty of mascara on your lashes and your eyes will look stunning.

Try to use matte eyeshadow for a better glam rock Bill Kaulitz inspired look. This type of makeup can be used by girls as well as boys. Girls can go for the shimmering eyeshadow for a more glamorous look.