The well known American actress and singer Selena Gomez seems to have caught attention from the media at a relatively young age and things have been going well for her ever since. Selena not only become popular for her acting skills but her singing skills and beauty as well, so no wonder her popularity is constantly increasing.

Celebrities have always inspired people when it comes to fashion and beauty, and Selena Gomez is no exception. Some of the best Selena Gomez makeup styles have inspired and can still inspire many girls as her makeup choices are flawless.

The right makeup needs to suit your skin tone, your age, facial features as well as the occasion, so there is a variety of things which need to be taken into account if the desired result is to be obtained. Because Selena Gomez seems to make wonderful choices when it comes to makeup, we have put together a selection of some of the best makeup styles chosen by her just so you can copy her wonderful style and look amazing with every single occasion.

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If you are searching for a makeup suitable for a more formal event, a smokey eye makeup copycatted after Selena’s navy blue smokey eye makeup from the 2010 MTV VMA’s can be a great idea. This type of smokey eye makeup attracts attention towards the eyes without going too dark, risking a raccoon eyes look.

A perfect looking skin is a must when it comes to this type of makeup, so apply foundation and set it using a translucent face powder prior to creating the smokey eyes. Give the eyes more definition using an eyeliner and finish the look using a black mascara for the eyelashes and a clear lip gloss for the lips. A touch of blush applied on the cheekbones will help give them a bit more definition, so use a natural peach colored blush!

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A Greek goddess look is perfect for a special occasion evening makeup and Selena showed just how to create this type of makeup without obtaining an aged look effect. Using a mix of brown and black eyeshadow can make the eyes pop and look just like a Greek goddess’ eyes if you have the right skin tone and eye color.

Women with brown eyes and a medium skin tone benefit most from this type of makeup and the result is absolutely stupendous. A black eyeliner pencil is used on the upper eyelid as well as on the waterline to make the eyes pop. Foundation and blush are also an important part of this makeup, so choose a matte foundation and a tan colored blush to define the facial features and obtain a perfect looking skin.

A nude colored lipstick will complete the look of this amazing style makeup, so don’t hesitate to give it a try and see if this makeup style suits you.

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Choosing a perfect makeup for a daytime more formal event is not easy, but it seems that Selena didn’t go wrong by choosing a natural makeup which concentrates on bringing out her eyes but in a natural manner. This type of makeup uses foundation and a natural looking blush for a flawless skin look. The eyes are subtly defined using a black eyeliner and mascara and the lips are maintained natural using a nude colored lip gloss which matches perfectly the earthly tones of the makeup.

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If you are looking for a lovely everyday wear makeup, you need to turn towards natural makeup. Selena Gomez’s natural makeup enhances her natural beauty without making her look like she is wearing makeup, so this is the look you should go for. Use foundation, a touch of blush and mascara to enhance your beautiful facial features are you’re all set! A makeup style perfect for school, shopping or a day out with your friends!