It’s not a surprise that the saying ‘makeup is a girl’s best friend’ has become internationally known, as the beauty and transformation power of makeup is irrefutable. The search for perfection, for a way to enhance femininity has pushed beauty enthusiasts and artists to search for new techniques to sculpt the facial features as best as possible, and with so many high quality products and a vast color palette in hand, achieving the hottest look has become a breeze. Those who put a heavier accent on their image are celebs and one celebrity that has experienced an amazing boost to fame is Kim Kardashian. The reality TV diva has conquered the world with her beauty, attention to detail, fashion style, love for luxury and lifestyle, so no wonder that she’s become a makeup inspiration for us all.

She seems perfect every time she leaves the house with her perfectly sculpted cheekbones, perfect complexion and accentuated eyes, but even so, she’s managed to pull off some makeup looks that stand out from the rest and that can be easily labeled as some of her best. Playing with different colors and textures can help maintain your look fresh as Kim proves by sporting a new makeup every time, so check out Kim Kardashian’s best makeup looks for the summer of 2012 and dare to explore and exploit the wonderful world of makeup.

One of the looks that goes perfectly from day to evening and that delivers flawless results regardless of your skin tone is a natural look and Kim has rocked this look on several occasions. The tricks seem to be eye definition and a flawless looking complexion. Although the look appears natural, you will need a few skin enhancers such as foundation, highlighter and definitely mascara, plenty of it if you’re looking to get Kim’s au naturel look. Kim’s signature nude lips can be easily achieved using a nude lipstick or a nude lipgloss, while the right shadows are placed using bronzer to sculpt the face to perfection.

A tad of highlighter applied on your skin and the inner corner of the eye as well as the brow bone will help enhance the light to achieve a sultry, divine look that will mesmerize in an instant. Well defined eyelashes play a key role when achieving a look that seems simple yet is able to seduce, so turn towards your trusted mascara (an older one works best) to coat your lashes heavily and make them pop.

Kim’s divine, almost angelic pink makeup look has won us over and achieving such a look is definitely not rocket science. The keys to achieving such radiant skin are high quality products and shimmery textures, so get that flawless looking skin using an illuminating foundation and dust a lovely, shimmery powder blush over your cheekbones. A bit of bronzer applied on the sides of the nose, jaw line and forehead can help define the facial features while the heavy mascara lashes and perfect pink lip gloss that enhances the lips can balance the look to give it that innocent sexy style that will make heads turn.

Trust the seductive power of red colored lipstick and coat your plump lips in the hottest shade of red you can find. Conceal imperfections with foundation, add a tan blush to you cheeks and then focus on bringing out your eyes using a simple kohl eyeliner smeared perfectly on the lash-line and get your lashes looking divalicious using a lengthening mascara.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images