The best celebrity summer makeup looks to copy are meant to offer you a variety of makeup style options to inspire yourself from. It is a well known fact that celebrities pay a great deal of attention to their image as being a public person implies being a model and a source of inspiration for others if possible.

Celebrities rely on their image to be in the center of attention and since they have access to the best hairstylists, fashion stylists and makeup artists most celebrities look like they just stepped out of a magazine. The benefits of a great looking makeup style are well known and there are a variety of styles to choose from. Makeup trends change from season to season and the new makeup trends look stunning. Natural is the main characteristic of the new makeup trends and this couldn’t be more beneficial as natural beauty means a more elegant and innocent look, which suits absolutely everyone. Experimenting with different makeup styles offers you diversity and allows you to pull off a different adorable look every time you wish. To help you choose the most fabulous makeup styles we have selected some of the best celebrity summer makeup styles to copy:

Shakira Carrie Underwood

Natural Goddess Makeup The natural makeup style is absolutely adorable and perfect for any occasion due to its simplicity and style. It seems that this type of makeup suits all types of complexions and facial features so every woman can benefit from a natural goddess look. The skins flawless look is created using a light skin foundation, the cheekbones are very subtle defined using a rose or tan colored blush. As far as the eyes go a natural eyeshadow can be applied and the eyelashes coated using one coat of brown or black colored mascara. A nude lip glosses is applied on the lips and the look is complete. The best sources of inspiration when it comes to this type of makeup are Shakira, Chanel Iman, Kim Kardashian, Carrie Underwood etc.

Lauren Conrad Pixie Lott

Vintage Glamour Makeup The vintage style has made a huge comeback in fashion and makeup and its no surprise why. The style, the glamor and the simplicity of this makeup is difficult to top. Elegant and refined, this type of makeup is perfect for special, more formal occasions. A flawless illuminated complexion, defined cheekbones, perfect falsies and fire red lips make this make-up glamorous so inspire yourself from the celebrity vintage glam makeup styles of Lauren Conrad, Pixie Lott, Dita Von Tease, Jessica Alba, etc.

Taylor Swift Jessica Biel

Pretty Princess Makeup The pretty princess look is perfect for women who love expressing their femininity in a very innocent manner. This type of makeup creates a lovely princess look and this look is created using an illuminating skin foundation, rosy blush, pinkish pip gloss, shimmery eyeshadow and gorgeously enhanced eyelashes. Inspire this lovely look from celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, etc. Photos Getty Images