Ashley Rickards writes poetry, scripts, and enjoys painting in her spare time. Besides, she is also a talented actress, flawlessly playing Jenna Hamilton, high school outcast and the main character of MTV’s hit show ‘Awkward.’ Ashley sits down for a chat with Teen Vogue and shares some of her beauty secrets. “In real life, my character and I are actually nothing alike,” she tells the magazine. “My character wakes up, throws on a hoodie, and calls it a day. She’s a real girl — not the Hollywood version of a teenager. If she tried to wear makeup to school, she’d probably just sweat it off in gym class. She never wants to draw attention to herself.”

When it comes to style, the lovely actress admits she is about taking risks. “I think it’s fun for girls to try out new trends, wear bright colors, and do unexpected things,” Ashley tells the magazine. Moreover, Rickards reveals that if she weren’t in showbiz, she would have become a makeup artist. “When I was younger, I taught myself about different products, brushes, and blending shades,” she explains. “I love giving makeovers!”

On her everyday beauty routine, Ashley says it is more into the “low maintenance” method and shares some of her must-haves such as Lancôme’s Absolue day cream with SPFicon and Neutrogena’s Healthy Lengths mascara. Still, for her special red-carpet appearances, the actress likes to add some drama to her looks.

“I love a cat eye and bold lips,” she tells Teen Vogue. “I’ve also been wearing a lot of black nail polish lately. But who knows? Next week I might want to wear neon green. It’s fun to change it up.”

The gorgeous actress also confesses that one of the best things about growing up is to learn to take yourself less seriously. “Jenna is a good example of a real teenager who finds ways to pick herself up after being knocked down and humiliated time after time,” she says. “Trying to see the humor in your imperfections is a struggle that everyone can relate to.”

Photos courtesy of Teen Vogue