Image is everything for celebrities, so no wonder that most of them turn towards the help of the best when it comes to fashion, hair and makeup. The importance of makeup has been proven for decades now, and the range of products and colors has expanded incredibly, so you can now create a flawless makeup look that transforms you instantly. If you’re searching for makeup inspiration, these all glam celebrity makeup ideas are definitely a good starting point, as the hues and styles suit the latest trends perfectly.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with high pigmented makeup product hues as color is fun and can enhance the beauty of your complexion. A crucial thing when it comes to obtaining a gorgeous makeup look is flawless skin, and there are various products which can prep your skin for perfection. Start with a makeup base, cover any imperfections with concealer, get a uniform skin tone with foundation and set your makeup with translucent powder. Once your skin looks impeccable, you can turn your attention towards enhancing your facial features and these looks are definitely worth a try:

All Glam Celebrity Makeup

Natural, neutral hues, such as the ones donned by Kim Kardashian at various occasions can help you obtain an all glam, yet subtle makeup look that states perfection. This doll-type of look is perfect for day to evening, so use the hues that suit your skin tone perfectly. From beige to warm brown hues, anything goes and the best thing is that these hues match all skin tones. Bring out your eyes with a lovely earth tone eye shadow and make them pop with the help of a black or dark brown eyeliner. Define your cheekbones with a touch of peach colored blush and pucker-up your lips with a fab nude colored lip gloss.

Glam Celebrity Makeup

America’s sweetheart Katy Perry is known for her unconventional, fun and girly style, so no wonder that she’s a great source of inspiration for others. Her new ginger colored locks and shimmery blue eye makeup are a perfect combo for the season, so if you’re searching for a makeup look that will shout glamour, draw inspiration from Katy Perry’s style. Mix a light and darker, aqua shimmery eye shadow hue which you’ll bold well for a smooth and uniform transition that shouts perfection. Use false eyelashes to make your eyes look even more flirty and conceal their appearance with a black colored eyeliner. A black eyeliner pencil applied over the waterline can help you achieve that sultry look that cannot go by unnoticed. A touch of rosy tone blush can help your complexion receive that innocent flush that suits everyone and a gorgeous rose-tone lipstick will boost your femininity sky-high.

All Glam Celebrity Makeup

Vintage is definitely the buzzword this year as anything vintage is all about style. For this matter a cat eyeliner makeup and gorgeous orange-red lips are a perfect makeup option to try, so take a peek at Emma Stone’s style and start copying her fab look. Apply a beige eyeshadow base on so your eyelid receives a perfectly uniform color in addition to ensuring the eyeliner adheres to the lid perfectly. Use a mascara to finish your look, add a touch of flush to your cheeks using your favorite blush hue and give your look a blossom freshness with the help of a rosy or orange-red colored lipstick, depending on personal preference.

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