Be it soft and natural or glamorous and sexy, makeup is one of the best ways to show off your femininity and emphasize your assets. Makeup is always about self-expression and individuality. Being sexy and attractive is every woman’s desire. A stunning makeup makes you feel comfortable and confident in every situation. Read on to find out more about the 6 hottest makeup looks of all time and get ready to experiment and use your creativity in order to find those that suit you best.

Leona Lewis’ Red Lips

Red lips are timeless makeup staples. Red lipstick is an eternal classic trend that provides you with a super sexy look. This powerful, deep color highlights your femininity and sensuality being an elegant and sophisticated choice at the same time.

If you want to wear gorgeous red lips, you should pay attention to choose the proper shade for your skin tone as well as to shop for a moist formula which keeps your lips hydrated and plump, without looking too glossy.

Select a creamy red lipstick and make sure the color works well with your features. Wearing gorgeous, kissable red lips, you will definitely turn some heads wherever you go.

Victoria Beckham’s Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are now hotter than ever. This exciting makeup style gives you a dramatic, femme fatale look. Create a gorgeous, irresistible smokey eye makeup and feel like a sexy diva. Draw a thicker line with creamy black eyeliner and soften the edges by rubbing carefully with a Q-tip. Then proceed with applying layers of black, gray or brown eye shadow, as you prefer, and blend the color well, in order to achieve a deep, smudge effect. Finish off with a shimmery gray eye shadow and work it well into your lids upwards to get a smokier effect.

Stephanie Jacobsen’s Nude Lips

Sexy lips not necessary mean bright colored lipsticks. Wearing a glossy lip-gloss in neutral, nude tones can be as sexy and alluring as any other color. Opt for a nude lip-gloss in a soft pink tone, with shimmery particles in it, and apply it on your lips, focusing on the center part. Juicy, nude lips are amazing since they are flattering for every skin tone and will perfectly complement any bolder makeup style.

Camilla Belle’s Sexy Rosy Cheeks

Delicate rosy cheeks give a nice highlight and frame for the whole face, accentuating your feminine features. Flushed cheeks can really brighten up your whole look, giving warmth and softness to your face. First apply a shimmery foundation to create perfect canvas for the blush. Choose a pale pink or peach creamy blush so that you can blend it well into your cheeks to create a natural, still stunning effect. Apply it on the apples of your cheek and work it towards the cheekbones. This way you can create a radiant, soft and sensual look.

Katy Perry’s Super Lashes

Long, full lashes are the ultimate symbols of femininity and beauty. Lashes are extremely important parts of a glamorous, alluring makeup. They give definition to your eyes and create a deeper, sensual look. Even if you don’t use eye shadow or eyeliner, a volumizing and lengthening mascara is an absolute must in order to have a fabulous appearance. To achieve maximum results, you can even glue on some small bunches of fake eyelashes which give you a more natural effect than a full set of false lashes. Make sure you apply the clusters before putting on any mascara. Take each one with tweezers and dip their roots in a small amount of false-lash glue. For a more natural, doe-eye look, apply them on the outer edge of your top lash line as close to your lashes as possible, starting from the middle of the lash outwards. Hold the cluster for about 15-20 seconds until the glue gets tackier and sets completely.

Kim Kardashian’s Gold Eyes

A fabulous gold eye makeup is indispensable for a glamorous evening party look. A gorgeous gold makeup will make your eyes shine with gold so that you can look and feel like a real diva. Gold is the color of a true goddess, flattering almost every eye color and skin type. This is why it can be spotted on numerous Hollywood celebrities on the most elegant occasions. Gold makeup is chic and sophisticated, so you can be sure that fabulous glistening gold eyes will never go out of fashion. Shop for a nice shimmery eye shadow and apply it over your eyelids, starting from the inner corner towards the outer part, blending it up beyond the crease, to the brow bones. Accentuate your eyes with black, gold or chocolate brown eyeliner and smudge the contours to create a more natural, fabulous look.

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