Whether you’re allergic to contact lenses or love to rock glasses, wearing them also means that your makeup has to adapt in order to stay flattering and stylish. By discovering the worst makeup mistakes you can make if you wear glasses, you’ll easily learn how to create your new makeup.

From balancing out your features to keeping color in check, here are the most common makeup errors that women who start wearing glasses tend to make, without realizing it.

1. Matching Your Eyeliner with the Glasses’ Frames

You might think that an eyeliner that’s the same color as the frames of your glasses is a cool look, but it simply doesn’t work. The effect you’ll get is losing focus and making your eyes look blurry. 

Colored Eyeliner For Glasses

For most frame colors, you simply need to go lighter with your choice of eyeliner. If your frames are very light, simply try an eyeliner that’s a few shades darker.

2. Going Too Dark

You might love smokey eye makeup, but it doesn’t really go well with glasses and it could end up as one of the worst makeup mistakes you can make if you wear glasses. Since your eyeglasses are already project shadows on your face, you should stick to a lighter color on your eyelids and one a bit darker towards the outer corners of your eyes.

3. Keeping Your Eyelashes Subtle

Even if you never used to need to curl your eyelashes or use volumizing mascara, you should give them a try once you start wearing glasses. Your spectacles might end up making your eyes look smaller and giving more definition to your eyelashes can counteract the issue.

Wearing Colored Eyeglasses

4. The Contrast Between Eyeliner and the Frames

One of the worst makeup mistakes you can make if you wear glasses is to ignore the thickness of the frames when you’re using eyeliner. If you stick to thin lines with thick frames, you’ll make your eyes look smaller, while thick eyeliner combines with dainty frames will them look much bigger than they should.

5. Unwillingly Highlighting Your Dark Under-Eye Circles

When you’re dealing with dark circles under your eyes, the worst thing you can do is to use eyeliner on the lower lash line under glasses, since it will accentuate it ever further. Stick to a little waterproof mascara with no clumping on your lower lashes and smudge it a bit for a better effect.

Eyebrows When Wearing Glasses

6. Using Concealer Incorrectly

Choosing the wrong concealer and using too much of it is definitely one of the worst makeup mistakes you can make if you wear glasses. You’re better off if you start by using a little corrector at the inner corner of your eyes, where the circles begin to form. Once it’s fully blended, use a concealer with yellow tones in order to balance out the darkness.

7. Covering Too Much with Eyeshadow

While a lot of gorgeous makeup looks extend the area where the eyeshadow is applied, less is more when you’re wearing glasses. If you apply eyeshadow outside the frame line, you’ll create a look that’s not very flattering. The only reason to break this rule is when you’re wearing glasses with very small lenses.

Too Much Mascara Eyeglasses Makeup

8. Going Too Far with Black Mascara

A bit of mascara on your lower lashes can easily turn into one of the worst makeup mistakes you can make if you wear glasses. Using too much or going for a shade that’s too dark is to be avoided. Forget any outdated beauty rule you know about mismatching mascara and try mixing black mascara on your upper lashes with brown one on the lower ones for a more light look.

9. Trying a Bold Look That’s Too Much

If you’re wearing very colorful frames, you’re better off going with a bold lip and keeping your eye makeup minimal. When the colors of your eyeshadow ends up competing for attention with the color of your glasses, you’ll come across looking as if you’re wearing too much makeup, especially if your hair also has a vibrant shade.

Makeup Mistakes When Wearing Glasses

10. Ignoring the Impact of Eyebrows

While most of the worst makeup mistakes you can make if you wear glasses focus on your eyes, you can’t ignore your eyebrows. Use a clear brow gel to help them stay put once they’re shaped the right way for your face shape and make sure they’re well defined for a balanced look.

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