Unless you’re a makeup professional, you can easily fall into the many traps that end up making you look older. 

Discover the most common makeup mistakes that add 10 years, for every makeup product that goes on your face, from foundation to eyebrow liner.

With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to avoid looking older than you really are, while also creating the a great look with your makeup.

Wrong Foundation

Too much foundation or too little can have the same unwanted effect. Using a thick layer of it will make you look older at any age, but after wrinkles start appearing you shouldn’t use too little either. 

Foundation Mistakes Age You

Powder foundation works best for oily skin, while dry skin benefits from liquid foundation. It’s hard to find the sweet spot, but experimenting with your makeup to the right look is worth it. One of the biggest makeup mistakes that add 10 years is choosing foundation that’s too light for your skin tone, since it tend to exaggerate fine lines. If you can’t find the perfect match, go for a foundation that’s one shade darker but has an illuminating formula.

Wrong Concealer

The thickness of the concealer has the same effect. Find a good highlighter pen for those dark under-eye circles, instead of traditional heavy duty concealer. Less is more, so focus on areas where it’ll have the biggest impact and it will be less noticeable, especially related to lines. By applying an illuminating concealer at the inner corners of your eyes, you’ll get a lighter look, instead of the heavy one that makes you look older.

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Skipping Lip Liner

Skipping the lip liner is definitely one of the makeup mistakes that add at least 10 years to your look, but you should also be very careful about the color. If it’s too dark, it will make your lips look thinner, and that’s the last thing you want, since lips naturally get thinner as you age. Use it in a lighter shade to prevent any bleeding of your lipstick in the fine lines over and under your lips.

Applying Lipstick The Right Way

Lipstick Too Dark

Darker lipstick should be avoided, but metallic, frosty finishes can also make you look older. Besides going for a lighter look, you should also forget about applying the lipstick directly from the tube. Instead, use a lip brush or even your finger to apply the color carefully. Too much pigment means a higher chance of feathering, even if you’ve used lip liner.

Blush Too Low

Focus on lighter shades for blush as well, and avoid one of the biggest makeup mistakes when you apply it. Instead of using too much on the apples of your cheeks, focus on the highest point of the cheekbones for a look that’s more youthful. The blush should match the color of your lips, so limit use of blue-based lipsticks. If you match the blush, it might make your skin look bruised, if you don’t, you’re not getting a cohesive look.

Heavy Powder

If you’ve started getting your first wrinkles, limit the use of powder to set your makeup to the two key areas where it helps control shine best: your T-zone and your chin. Use a loose translucent powder for a more youthful effect.

Mascara On Lower Lashline

Mascara On Lower Lashes

Using mascara on your lower lashes is one of the biggest makeup mistakes that add 10 years, especially if you use a dark shade. It will highlight dark under-eye circles, along with crow’s feet. You can go as black as you want for the top lashes, but skip the lower lash line.

Droopy Eyeliner

Making your eyes look smaller is one of the downsides of using eyeliner on the lower lashes, but it’s not the only one. It can also make them look droopy, especially if it’s black. Try softer shades of brown on the upper eyelids alone and make sure you blend well for a youthful look.

Frosty Eyeshadow Makes You Look Old

Shimmery/ Frosted Eyeshadow

While most illuminating products are a good idea to make you look younger, shimmery eyeshadow at the outer corners of the eyes is among the most egregious makeup mistakes that add 10 years to your look, since it highlights every fine line. Stick to a little shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes and on the brow bones.

Dark Eyebrow Pencil

The color of your eyebrows naturally fades as you get older, but your eyebrow pencil shouldn’t be used to compensate. The only thing you’ll create by using an eyebrow pencil that’s too dark is a strong contrast which won’t look flattering. When you’re shaping your eyebrows, use a pencil that’s one shade lighter than your natural color for a flattering look.

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