Before you consider rhinoplasty, it’s a good idea to try out all the makeup tricks that can help make your nose looks smaller. If you feel your nose is either too long or too wide, you can help balance your face better in a lot of ways with a little skill.

Find out how to make your nose look smaller with makeup, by using nose contouring techniques or simply drawing attention away from it. If you’ve decided that you’d like your nose to look smaller, here’s what you can do before considering plastic surgery.

How To Make Your Wide Nose Look Smaller With Makeup

If you’re dealing with a nose that has a bigger width that you’d like, the best way to make your nose look smaller with makeup is by using contouring. You’ll need a foundation that’s one shade darker than your regular one. You’ll get an even more pronounced effect if you use one that’s two shades darker, but the end results will look much less natural, bordering on drag queen makeup.

When you’re using contouring to make your nose looks smaller, apply the darker shade on the sides of your nose and blend it very well towards your cheeks. For the bridge of your nose, go with your regular foundation for the most natural look. You can even use a shade lighter than your skin, but blending is key to make this look work.

Make Nose Small With Makeup

After you’ve finished blending, make sure your powder your nose very well with a light powder, to prevent any shine, especially on the bridge of your nose.

If your nose is slightly crooked, you can use the same techniques to balance it out with makeup. Experiment in front of the mirror to get the best results before trying your new makeup techniques for a special occasion.

How to Make Your Long Nose Look Smaller With Makeup

The same contouring trick of using a darker shade of foundation works equally well when you want to make your nose appear shorter than it is. Instead of applying the darker shade on the sides of your nose, you’ll need to focus on the tip and the area between your nostrils.

There’s no point in using a lighter foundation, but you should make sure you stick to a foundation that’s only one shade darker than your skin, not two. Apply a very small quantity of darker foundation on the tip of your nose. Blend it downwards, on the area between your nostrils, but don’t go with the darker shade all the way down to your top lip.

Blend well and apply a powder with a matte finish to complete your look. For an area as small as the tip of your nose, blending with your fingers is out of the question, so always use a makeup sponge to ensure that the final effect will be natural and that the darker foundation doesn’t stand out in a distracting way.

If you follow the steps on how to make your nose look smaller with makeup but use a sheer finish, you won’t get the right results.

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How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller With Makeup

A bold lip or extra blush on your cheeks can draw attention away from your nose, but don’t go overboard if you want to create a natural look. Unfortunately, smoky eyes or any other type of heavy eye makeup can end up making your nose look bigger, so focus on the other areas of your face. That also means that you have to pay extra attention to your concealer application, in order to minimize dark under eye circles.

Blend blush upwards and outwards to make your nose look smaller. Use a glossy lip color to create contrast and you’ll instantly downplay your nose. Curled eyelashes are a great idea and volumizing mascara will also draw attention to your eyes without highlighting your nose as well.

Hair Tips on How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

If you’ve already tried all the right makeup tricks, you might also benefit from a few tips for hairstyles that make your nose looks smaller. There are two main tricks in the book when it comes to hair.

First of all, forget about center parts, as side parts are your best friend in drawing attention away from your nose. If your nose is also slightly crooked, make sure you part your hair in the opposite side to create a balanced look.

Once you’ve mastered how to make your nose look smaller with makeup, you should also consider adding extra volume for the at the back of your head. Keep your makeup with a matte finish, but add shine and volume to your hair at the back.

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