Making sure that your makeup will look flawless throughout the day takes a bit more time and effort, but it’s absolutely worth it if you often find yourself doing multiple touch-ups to keep up. Rushing when you put on your makeup in the morning has to stop, but there’s more to the best long-lasting makeup tricks than that.

Discover a few simple ways to help your makeup adhere better and stay put from day to night with much less hassle.

Exfoliate Based on Your Skin Type

Keeping dead cells off your face is a good way to help your makeup stay in place for a longer time. Exfoliating twice a week can be the right thing to do for some people, but with sensitive skin, weekly might be the most you can do without ending up irritating your skin. Try using a gentle scrub alternatively with a harsher one, or use a chemical exfoliator with AHAs if scrubs are too much for your skin.

Let the Moisturizer Set In

Once your know your skin is exfoliated and clean, one of the best long-lasting makeup tricks simply consists of… waiting after moisturizing. Using a light moisturizer and skipping the T-zone is a good way to ensure you’re not over-moisturizing, but no matter how little you use, you should always wait 15 minutes minutes before moving on to the next step.

Use Primer Correctly

Silicone primer keeps the natural oils in your skin from changing the texture of makeup and it also provides a smoother surface for your foundation. You can use a separate primer for your eyes, but using a general purpose one also works. Focusing on the lips and chin, along with the eyelids, when you apply the primer with your fingers is one of the best long-lasting makeup tricks.

Long Lasting Foundation

Make Foundation Last

Some foundations are simply more suited for lasting wearing. Dewy or sheer foundations may give you the coverage and finish you want, but don’t have the best straying power of products with more pigment. Use a synthetic foundation brush to apply it from the back of your hand, in small quantities. When you’re done, use a tissue or clean sponge to press it on your skin.

Show Restraint for Concealer

Using as little concealer as possible is one of the best long-lasting makeup tricks. You can make sure you’re not covering too much by using a pointed eyeliner brush. This simple tool helps you get the coverage you want, but still avoid putting too much concealer on your face, since it’s one of the products that becomes most visible when you wear it for a longer time.

Long Lasting Eye Makeup

Make Your Eye Makeup Stay Put

When it comes to your eyes, primer is used by most makeup artists, but there is another trick you can use to extend the life of your makeup. Apply a waterproof eyeliner and use powder eye shadow on top to make it less likely to run. Using waterproof mascara is another good tip, but when you don’t want the hassle of removing it, you can use just very little of it, at the tips of your lashes, over your regular mascara.

Go for Waterproof Eye Pencils

Even if you love liquid eyeliner, one of the best long-lasting makeup tricks doesn’t involve using it on its own. Instead, go for a waterproof pencil eyeliner and add a bit of liquid eyeliner on top for a better finish and less chance of smudging.

Long Lasting Lip Makeup

Care for Your Lips

Lip balm is used for moisturizing lips, so treat it just like a moisturizer! Don’t use too much and leave it on for 10 minutes before reaching for the lip color. Use a one-ply tissue and gently blot any extra before applying your color. Matte lipsticks last longer, so consider avoiding shiny or glossy colors when your priority is to make it last. You should apply colorless lip liner to create yet another base for a color that looks good and stays put.

Blending Is Key

One of the best long-lasting makeup tricks is to continue blending for 20 extra seconds even when everything look fine. Besides creating a good look, blending also helps bond makeup to your skin.

Use Translucent Powder Correctly

A darker powder on top of a lighter foundation can be the secret of preventing a blotchy look. However, many makeup artists prefer a loose and colorless powder. Use a large powder brush for the best effect and focus on the T-zone when you’re applying the finishing touches.

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