There isn’t any blueprint that will guarantee you a successful and long lasting relationship. We are all different and life turns out different for each and every one, allowing our judgement to decide which path to follow, but with time using a few guidelines can push through hard times and help maintain a long lasting relationship with a person that shares the same feelings of love and respect.

People make mistakes, but if you learn from these mistakes and try your best to be honest and true to yourself, you might actually pave the way to a long and healthy relationship. Check out the following tips and find out if they can help you keep your relationship on the right track.

Acceptance of a person’s qualities but also flaws is a definite must if you wish to have a long lasting relationship. We all have flaws and certain things can’t change, especially not overnight, but they can be polished, so try to accept that certain things can’t be turned into something else. Accept the person you love for who he/she is and this way you’ll feel much more relaxed in your relationship.

Compromise is something that people can’t co-exist without as no one is exactly the same as the other, so in order to make things work you have to take compromise. Listen to your partner and try to accept certain things that are important for him/her when possible and vice-versa, your partner should also take your needs into consideration.

Respect is one of the most important things in a relationship as once those ‘butterflies’ in your stomach pass, you’ll need respect to make things work. It’s been said that true love never fades away, but love needs a base to last and not ‘sink’ and that base is respect and appreciation. Try to look at the qualities of your partner and respect that person for what he/she stands for.

Have your partner’s back and support and encourage each other as lack of confidence and support will eventually have a saying in your relationship. That doesn’t mean stepping over your believes and backing someone up when it’s obvious its a mistake, but after communicating and making a mutual decision show your support. It’s very important for a couple to have the other to rely on and turn towards for help whenever in need.

Be faithful and honest as lying will not get you anywhere and you risk losing your partner’s trust. Lying will make you feel guilty and that feeling of guilt will only act as a barrier between you and your partner. With honesty and faithfulness you’ll manage to feel good about yourself and transmit to your partner a feeling of security and trust.

Have fun and step out of routine! Having things on ‘repeat’ can make you bored and lose interest. Spice up your love life once in a while or do something spontaneous that will help you and your partner have fun. Travel, cook, watch a good movie, play games, etc, as there are a variety of ways you can make sure you don’t get bored of doing the same things every day.

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