There are times when counseling or the advice of friends are not enough to save a relationship. If you’re on the verge of making a long term decision, make sure you skim through out brief list of signs you need to leave a relationship.

Discuss your problems with your boyfriend and husband. However, if there’s no room for similar conversations, pay special attention to different acts, gestures and even words that mark the end of a happy phase.

You’re Waiting For Him to Change

It’s time to reconsider your needs and life as a couple if you’re still waiting for your boyfriend to change. Time allows partners to come to terms with delicate situations and get used to the way the other one reacts to different things. If things don’t evolve, it’s time to go on separate ways.

More Trust Issues

You or your partner have serious trust issues. If you’re extremely suspicious, it’s time to analyze this relationship. Trust is one of the most valued qualities of a real couple.

Therefore, it is essential to listen to your intuition, especially when different situations trigger your insecurity.

Decrease in Passion

The fuel of a good relationship is passion. If you feel that this factor is no longer present in your marriage or relationship, it’s time to re-think your behavior and the root of this problem. If one of you can resist the advances of the other one with ease, it’s time to start worrying about your future.

You Criticize Your Partner for Minor Things

Analyze your behavior and see whether you keep criticizing your partner for minor things. This sign reflects your inability to tolerate different gestures of your boyfriend. Remember that these situations can often lead to serious conflicts. Therefore, it is wise to talk them over or separate.

Communication Issues

In the past you had so much fun talking about various subjects. Nowadays you spend less and less time with conversation? This is one of the chief warning signs of a broken relationship. Fixing a similar problem can seem a real challenge, therefore it is important to think about various solutions. If these have no positive results, consider separation.

You Look Forward to Spend Time With Other People

If the company of your partner is no longer enough, this relationship can’t fulfill your needs. Analyze your and your partner’s behavior to see the warning signs. Talk the various situations over and see whether there’s a solution for your problem.

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