Even when you have chemistry, your relationship can’t be successful in the long run without emotional compatibility. Seeing the signs that you’re just on the same page early can save you a lot of grief, and that’s why you should always make sure that you’re compatible when things start getting serious.

Make sure that you spot the signs you’re not compatible, so you can decide if it’s worth staying together in the long run. Check out the big red flags that show you there might be some major incompatibilities in your relationship.

1. He’s Not Your Confidant

When you open up more to your friends than to your guy, there’s a problem. When you’re in a serious relationship, but you keep holding back from letting him get to know the real you, the problem might just be incompatibility. Your man can’t be your everything, but relationships should have a deeper level on intimacy than friendships.

2. You Have Trouble Solving Conflicts

One of the signs you’re not compatible is when you struggle with conflict because you have different approaches. Many couples manages to overcome that obstacle, even if one partner needs to fix everything quickly, while the others prefers to let things settle down on their own. But different conflict solving approaches are a big red flag when you’re also seeing other signs of your incompatibility.

3. You Easily Get Bored of Each Other

When spending time together as a couple gets boring quickly, there might be a problem. If you constantly need friends or family around to keep a lively discussion going, you might not be that compatible. Being comfortable with each other and being able to talk about everything and nothing without getting bored is important.

4. You Don’t Share Any Interests

Many relationships fall in the opposites attract category, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you need full hobby compatibility in order to make it work. However, when there’s little to no overlap, that can turn out to be one of the signs you’re not compatible. When there’s a big disconnect between your interests, you might just not the best choice for each other.

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5. There’s a Lack of Respect

If you don’t have respect for your guy’s work or big parts of his life, or if he doesn’t respect you or things that are important to you, your relationship is in big trouble. You can’t be happy in the long run when both of you don’t consider each other equals.

6. You Don’t Get Each Other’s Body Language

Expecting your partner to read your mind and always say or do the right thing is a recipe for disaster. However, lack of awareness for body language can be just as bad. If one of you has no intuition when it comes to the other, that’s one of the biggest signs you’re not compatible. Being able to notice bad moods and knowing how to provide comfort is really important.

7. You Don’t Feel Good about Yourself

It’s not a good idea to expect your partner to make you happy, but when you’re feeling worse in the relationship than when you were single, there’s a problem. Not feeling good about yourself might mean that he doesn’t have any positive contributions to your self esteem, or it’s simply a sign that you’re not right for each other.

8. There Are More Cons Than Pros to Staying Together

If you have more negative interactions than positive ones, you’re definitely headed for a breakup. Take a few moments and thing about the pros and cons of staying in the relationship. If the latter column is longer, that’s one of the most obvious signs you’re not compatible.

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9. You Don’t Stand Up for Each Other

Having each other’s back is very important in a happy relationship. If you don’t stand up for each other when there are disagreements with friends and family, you probably know that it’s not worth it because the relationship won’t last.

10. Your Instincts Are Telling You to Move On

Sometimes, even if you can’t identify any of the clear signs you’re not compatible, you just feel it. Trust your instincts when they’re telling you that something is off. Ignoring your inner voice when it’s telling you to break up is usually the wrong choice.