Whether you believe in love at first sight or think that people need a lot of time to know each other, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re simply going too fast. When you run by each relationship touchstone in a race to the finish, you might ignore big red flags that could end up causing a breakup.

Discover the most important signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship, and find out why taking things slowly might be the right thing in the end.

You’re Completely Focused on Your New Partner

After a few dates or even weeks, your partner shouldn’t become the central focus of your life. When you spend all your free time with your new boyfriend, you might be losing yourself in the mix. It’s important to take your time when introducing someone new into your life, because getting caught in a whirlwind of emotions can make you lose sight of the important things.

Rushing Towards The L Word

One of the biggest signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship is finding yourself using the L word when you clearly didn’t have time to move on from your initial infatuation. If your boyfriend starts throwing “love” around at the earliest stages of your relationship, tell him that things are simply moving too fast.

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You’re Putting Your Friends on Hold

Skirting your responsibilities or leaving your friends hanging is never a good sign for a relationship. Focusing on your new relationship feels great, but it’s important to keep things balanced, especially at the start of a relationship. Getting swept away in the romance can lead to decisions you might regret and that might end up hurting your relationship later.

You Don’t Know Much About Him

Assuming you know his last name after the first date is a no-no. One needs to feature a real exchange of information to make sure you’re not dealing with ugly situations later on. If you’re telling yourself that the only thing you need to know is how he feels about you, then you’re definitely faced with one of the biggest signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship.

You Keep Stumbling Upon Surprises

It’s important to keep your guard up before you really start getting to know someone. If you don’t like surprises, take it slower and don’t rush through important steps in your relationship. When you start realizing that your new boyfriend is quite different than your initial impressions, it’s better to stop rushing things, so you have time to process everything and make the right decisions.

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You’re Discussing Living Together

Moving in together is never something you should rush into, no matter how much compatibility there is between you and your new boyfriend. Make sure that you actually know him well enough before living together is on the table. And that means months, not weeks. If you’re thinking about moving in together when you’ve only been dating for less than 3 months, you’re faced with one of the signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship.

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You’re Fully Connected on Social Media

It’s nice to add another level of interaction with the man you’re dating, but you should never aim for a connection on every social media site. You can follow him on Twitter and even declare your relationship status on Facebook, but if you’ve already got him friended on every other site after less than a month, you’re probably moving too fast.

Making Long Term Plans

One of the biggest signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship is starting to discuss long-term plans when you’re just a few weeks in. It’s nice to make holiday plans together, but if your plans include children and the perfect home, you might need to dial it down a bit.

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Getting Pets Together

Whether it’s adopting a dog or getting a hamster, pets should not be shared in the early stages of a relationship. They create a lot of responsibilities, and you might end up having fights around the right way to care for it.

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You’re Neglecting Yourself

One of the most dangerous signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship is when you realize you’ve been neglecting yourself. Even if you still have time for friends and family, it’s very important to have time left for your own interests, that will keep you happy in the long run, regardless of your relationship status.