Some of the best romantic date ideas for married couples are cheap and easy to plan, so all you need to do is decide what you and your loved one would enjoy more: a special evening at home or a date out on the town with a little bit of adrenaline. Discover a few great date ideas for married couples who want to keep the spark alive.

Best Date Ideas for Married Couples

Taking your loved one to the place where you had your first date is a great idea to remind yourselves about the passion that started your relationship. If repeating the first date is not an option, a scenic drive in late afternoon is one of the most romantic date ideas for married couples. Park the car in a secluded place where you can watch the sunset and make out like teenagers.

Camping is another great way to get away from it all on a romantic getaway, but if you only have a few hours to spare, choose a tourist destination close by that you’ve never visited and enjoy discovering something new with your loved one.

Couple On A Roller Coaster

Some of the best date ideas for married couples who usually spend their nights at home feature a bit more adrenaline. From a roller coaster to indoor rock climbing, you can find plenty of things to enjoy on a special occasion.

Romantic date ideas for married couples also include going on a cool adventure together: it can mean role playing in a bar and pretending you’ve just met or going to an open house and pretending you’re newlyweds looking for the perfect home.

Romantic Date Ideas for Married Couples at Home

If your date night has to take place at home, because of financial reasons or simply because you’re too tired to go out, make it special. Drink a bottle of champagne in a bubble bath for a relaxing and romantic experience.

Some of the best romantic date ideas for married couples at home include going back to the time when you fell in love or married. Watch your wedding video and eat a sexy snack, like strawberries and whipped cream, while going down memory lane.

Romantic Bubble Bath

Putting on your own movie festival or at least a double feature is one of the best romantic date ideas for married couples. You can pick a movie and let your partner pick one too, but make sure your choice isn’t something you know they’d dislike.

Enjoy a bit of exotic cuisine in your backyard. Cook a meal of new dishes together and feed each other while staying comfortable on cushions and lighting a few candles.

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