Going into a relationship with preconceived notions is inevitable, but some of them can end up harming your chances for happiness. Some relationship myths haven’t just been busted for a while, they’ve also been proven to be detrimental to a couple.

Find out which relationship myths you need to stop believing in, if you want a healthy and happy relationship. Drop these old fashioned myths and be realistic when it comes to communicating with your partner.

1. You Can Be in Love Forever If You Meet the Right Guy

A big part of falling in love is the newness of discovering someone very compatible. When you’re in love, your brain produces a lot more hormones that impact your mood. You can’t expect that to last forever, and the relationships that prove successful in the long run are those where both partner understand that the dopamine rush is only temporary.

2. Finding the “Perfect Guy” Will Make You Feel Complete

The most successful relationships are about couples where the partners are already happy or content on their own. You can choose to believe in a soul mate, but it’s a mistake to get lost in one of the worst relationship myths, which claims that the right partner can make you feel complete. You need different things from different people, so don’t expect your guy to be your everything.

Relationship Myths Busted

3. Real Love Means He’ll Know Everything About Me

One of the biggest relationship mistakes is asking your partner to become a mind reader. The fact that he doesn’t know why you’re upset doesn’t mean that he’s not the one or that he doesn’t know you. He should pick up on big changes in your mood, but don’t abandon communication and expect him to know the cause every time.

4. If We Get Through This, We’ll Be Stronger Than Ever

Focusing on the hypothetic future of your relationship while ignoring the present is not the right way to have a healthy relationship. Many couples who lose a baby end up breaking up, others can’t even go back to the way things were before a cheating incident, so this one of the most silly relationship myths. Try to work on fixing the problem without expecting that your efforts will always lead to a happy ending.

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5. Love Will Never Feel Like Work

Even thought you feel like everything worked out naturally at the beginning, you can’t expect the same kind of natural flow in a relationship with two partners who grow and change. Your relationship or marriage can end up feeling like work, particularly when kids are involved, but that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. By working at it, you’ll get to keep a very compatible partner.

6. If He’s Jealous, Then He Really Love You

Jealousy has a lot more to do with his levels of confidence than it has with his love for you. This is one of the relationship myths that pushes people to stay in potentially abusive relationships, just because it makes them feel loved. Your guy doesn’t have to be jealous to prove how much he cares, and you shouldn’t demand that from him.

7. People Who Love Each Other Want to Spend Every Moment Together

Plenty of studies have shown that relationships are better when each partner brings something to the table. If you spend too much time together, you will literally run out of things to say. Don’t ignore your interests or the other people who are important in your life.

Common Relationship Myths

8. Fighting a Lot Means We’re Not Compatible

As long as you have the same conflict resolution approaches and you don’t let disagreements create frustration and tension for a long time, this is one of the common relationship myths. You might not be right for each other, but many couple who are in love bicker every day.

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9. Couples Therapy Means You’re Really in Trouble

A little therapy can change your perspective and put your relationship back on track. It doesn’t mean that anyone failed or that the relationship is on its last leg.

10. Children Strengthen Your Connection

It’s one of the most widespread relationship myths, but it’s false. Having children means you’ll have to make a lot of sacrifices, and that doesn’t usually bring you closer. You’ll have to make an active effort to keep your relationship on track during this time.