While our culture places so much emphasis on the wedding day, there is slightly less attention focused on the long-term commitment a marriage presupposes. 

Do you know what you’re getting into? Have you thought this through? Here are 8 essential questions to ask yourself before getting engaged.

Questions to Ponder on Before Getting Married

1. What can you do to maintain communication between you?

A key question to ask yourself before getting married: How will you prevent communication blocks between you? Will you be there for each other at the end of the day, ready to share thoughts or listen?

Bride With Groom

2. Do you want to have kids?

An important question to ask yourself before getting married: Do both of you want children? If so, how many do you want? How will you raise them? How do you propose to discipline them?

3. How will you manage your finances?

Another essential question to ask yourself before getting married. What individual assets will each you bring to the marriage? Are you thinking a joint bank account or separate bank accounts?

4. How will you spend free time?

Another question you’d better tackle before tying the knot: How do you expect to spend your free time – together or individually? Will you be able to spend time with friends apart from each other?

5. Do you have expectations about sex?

Yet another fundamental question to ask yourself before getting married: How often will you have sex? How will you ensure your sex life doesn’t get into a rut? Are there any boundaries you would rather not cross when it comes to intimacy?

6. How will you divide chores between you?

Who will do what in your new home? Will the children be expected to lend a hand? How will you divide the daily workload?

7. Do you know how to deal with each other’s “dark” sides?


We all have our dark sides. If you intend to make a lifelong commitment to someone it is crucial to find ways to deal with each other’s less-agreeable traits or decide where you draw the line. If you share a unique bond with your pets and your future partner is allergic to them, this doesn’t bode well for your marriage.

8. Do you fulfill each other’s needs?

If you’re about to get married, ask yourself – have you made a rational evaluation of whether your significant other truly fulfills your needs? A “marriage of true minds” presupposes you can meet each other’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs.

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