Falling in love is all about excitement and that’s why people who may seem complete opposite get together. However, making it last doesn’t work out for everybody. Depending on how opposite you really are, there might be a lot of work involved to stay together.

Take a look at some of the best opposites attract relationship advice, and decide for yourself if you have a strong foundation to make your relationship last. Even if things are great at the beginning, here’s what you need to be aware of in a long term relationship.

1. Check If You’re on the Same Page on the Important Things

When you’re only opposites in taste, but share the same core values, you have a lot less to worry about. It’s important that you make sure you aren’t really opposites when it comes to the really fundamental things: from where you live and how you spend most of your time together to what each of you contribute to the relationship and how you feel about children.

2. Talk About Your Differences Early

If you feel like there’s a lot more to your relationship than just great sex, it’s important to acknowledge your differences. When one of you want to spend every night in front of the TV and the other wants to go out all the time, that’s more like a irreconcilable difference. When opposites attract, they should both know what to expect in the long run.

3. Work on Compromise

Every relationship needs compromise, but it can feel overwhelming when you’re light years apart in your views and wishes. Focus on the things you have in common, and be open to compromise when it comes to everything else. Without middle ground, your relationship won’t last.

4. Cultivate Acceptance

When opposites attract, the best relationship advice you can get is not trying to change too much of each other. Accept your differences and the fact that some differences of opinion are a problem even for couples who have much more in common. However, the thing all happy relationships have in common is acceptance for your partner’s different habits or opinions.

5. Pick Your Battles Carefully

Fighting over every little thing will lead to the end of the relationship sooner rather than later. Don’t make a big deal about your partner’s quirks that don’t affect you in the least. When you feel strongly about something and you need him to understand, make sure that it’s actually something important, not a detail that won’t affect your relationship in the long run.

6. Speak Up

Good communication in every relationships, especially when opposites attract. Take some relationship advice and don’t let issues sit until you can no longer discuss them calmly. Keeping it in for too long means that you’ll probably end up fighting about it, and that could have been avoided if you opened the topic when you’re both calm.

7. Stay Open Minded

One of the biggest benefits of a relationship in which opposites attract is the fact that you’re challenged to keep your mind open. There are plenty of things you can learn from each other, and you can also explore new things together, with two different points of view.

8. Focus on Common Goals

In a relationship where opposites attract, it’s always good to stay focused on the things you can accomplish together. With two different perspectives, you might solve problems better as a couple, and achieve more than you could on your own.

9. Respect the Opposite Opinion

Disagreeing and engaging each other in challenging your beliefs is a healthy part of any relationship. However, that can’t be accomplished without respect. Even if you can’t find any way to relate to his point of view, show it respect, and expect the same respect from him about things you do or think that he just doesn’t get.

10. Don’t Let the Great Sex Keep You Together

When opposites attract, a big part of it is usually great sexual chemistry. If you’re in it for the long run, it’s important to see beyond that. Sexual compatibility is very important, but if it’s the only thing that actually works in your relationship, it might not be worth trying to fix a relationship dynamic that just doesn’t make either of you happy.