A long distance relationship has many obstacles, but with the right tools, you can overcome them and keep the passion alive without growing apart. Check out a few long distance relationship problems solved and apply these solutions for your special connection.

With good communication and a few simple ways of dealing with the biggest problems that can arise in any long term relationship, you’ll be able to keep the spark alive until your reunite. Here are the most common issues that can ruin long term relationship.

1. Having Different Expectations

Most long distance relationship problems are solved with good communication and the way you express your expectations before you’re separate by distance is very important. Focus on having realistic expectations and make sure that you’re on the same page as your partner. Without this very important step, frustration can usually poison your relationship and lead to…

2. Growing Apart

When you’re both focused on day to day living, it’s easy to become strangers in the absence of meaningful shared experiences. The solution to this issue is commitment to spending quality time together, either with video or audio. Even if the different time zones are an issue, you can still meet on weekends to have the same meal or watch the same movie together.

3. Getting Jealous

Jealousy can poison any relationship, but when it comes to long distance relationship problems, it can be even harder to deal with. There’s no magic solution, but focusing on yourself and working on your self esteem can help a lot. Focus on the way your partner has shown you that he loves and appreciates you and accept that he has great reasons for being emotionally invested in your relationship.

4. Fighting

The key to avoiding conflict in a long term relationship is to always be positive. Shutting him out when you’re angry doesn’t help anything. Keep calm and work through any issues with a good attitude if you don’t want them to turn into huge problems. Focusing on resolving your conflict instead of blaming your partner is the best way to put long distance fights to rest.

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5. Losing Intimacy

It can be more tempting to connect to someone who’s close than to your partner. However, this is one of the long distance relationship problems that are solved by being patient and treasuring the connection you have with your guy. Don’t keep secrets from him and keep his trust by being honest without being hurtful or confrontational.

6. Dealing with Criticism

When you can’t be in the same room with your guy, dealing with criticism can become difficult. Instead of jumping to conclusions or being defensive, take your time to react to criticism and keep it in perspective. Even if you’re having a bad day, remind yourself of why you’re in the relationship and why you’re making the effort in keeping it alive instead of just giving up. Focus on the positive when you’re communicating with him.

7. Missing Him

While some long distance relationship problems are more easily solved, there’s no quick fix for missing his touch. Exchanging presents is one way of giving him a piece of you, and hand written letters can be very important, even if you get to Skype every day. Asking him to leave you some of his things before he goes is also one way of feeling like he’s always close.

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8. Fear of Him Moving On

Even if you’re not a jealous person, the thought that he might fall in love with someone else can keep nagging you. There’s no simple way of putting it out of your mind, but keeping yourself busy by spending time with friends and family always helps. Remember the promises you made to each other and trust him to avoid having this issue become a permanent nuisance.

9. Lacking Perspective

If you go into it without knowing when you’ll be together again, frustration can easily build up. Fortunately, this is one of the long distance relationship problems solved with a little communication. If there’s no timeline in which you can get together, then you might be better off on your own. But if the time you’re apart will not be extended, that can definitely help you manage the situation better.