While honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship, being blunt about every little detail can create a lot of tension in a couple. Some small lies are fine, as long as you don’t actively try to hide things that your partner has a right to know.

Check out some of the lies you can tell your boyfriend without feeling guilty, small white lies that are passable. Don’t use honesty as a weapon and keep some things to yourself, either by omission or by bending the truth a bit, for the sake of your relationship.

1. Your Don’t Have Any Issues with His Friends

If you don’t like his friends, you might want to keep that to yourself, particularly if you’re at the beginning of a relationship. Unless his friends are being very rude or aggressive towards you, it’s important to try to get along, because they are part of his life. Telling him how much you hate them will only cause tension in your relationship.

2. You’ve Never Had Sex with Your Guy Friends

Whether it was just one night or a friends with benefits arrangement, he doesn’t need to know about it, particularly if he gets jealous easily. This is one of the lies you can tell your boyfriend, as long as you’re not planning to keep hooking up with your guy friends, while he thinks the two of you are in a monogamous relationship.

3. He’s the Best Lover You Ever Had

This is one white lie that you shouldn’t volunteer on your own, but if he keeps fishing for it, give his ego a boost and confirm it. He may not be the biggest or the best you ever had, but he deserves to know he’s appreciated… as long as he’s not telling you what his ex had better breasts.

4. His Cooking Is Great

It’s not one of the lies you can tell your boyfriend all the time, but when he first makes an effort and cooks for you, a little praise is important, even if it’s not earned. When you absolutely hate his cooking, make plans to cook together and give him some pointers. That way, the next time he decides to surprise you with food, you won’t have to smile and endure the worst dish you ever had.

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5. You Never Think About Your Ex

Nostalgia is part of human nature, and everyone has moments when they remember their exes fondly, or even wonder why they broke up. However, these thoughts are better kept to yourself. If he asks you what you’re thinking about and it’s exactly that, feel free to lie. If your ex is always on your mind, that’s a big red flag for your current relationship, and a much bigger problem than lying about it.

6. You Love the Present He Got You

Gifts are tricky, particularly at the beginning of a relationship. You don’t want to seem ungrateful, after he took the time and effort to get you something, but you don’t want to encourage him to get you similar things in the future. Saying that you loved his present is one of the lies you can tell your boyfriend. And drop a few clues here and there, so he makes a better choice next time.

7. You Don’t Think Your Coworkers Are Hot

Don’t feel bad about checking out other guys or thinking that your coworkers are hot. Just don’t tell your boyfriend about it. He really doesn’t want to know.

8. The Sex Was Great

Faking orgasms is a double edged sword. If he thinks he’s always contributing to your orgasm, there’s no reason he’ll try harder. However, when it’s simply “meh”, you can use one of the lies you can tell your boyfriend. As long as it’s not happening all the time, he doesn’t need the detailed criticism every time he’s off his game.

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9. My Friend Isn’t Ready to Date Yet

If he’s trying to set up one of his friends with one of your friends, there’s no need to be completely honest. When your friend just isn’t into his friend, you should have her back. Telling him that she claimed she’d rather be single forever than go out with his best friend doesn’t help anyone.

10. I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

Some of the kindest lies you can tell your boyfriend are the ones that spare him from humiliation. From pretending you didn’t hear him passing gas to ignoring how ugly his pimple looks like, think of these lies as an investment in the future of your relationship.