This kind of commitment means investing your time, emotions and energy into something that you want to last. Sometimes, things don’t turn out as planned, as he might not be the right one for you. No worries though, as these signs are here to bring light into the matter.

Signs He’s Not the One for Me: Lack of Communication

This might be one of those signs he’s not the one for you. It has been shown that communication is very important when it comes to building a strong and beautiful relationship. Just think about it! Do you find it difficult to talk to your partner regarding important couple matters, such as your feelings or money issues? In that case, you’re dealing with communication problems and this might be a good sign he’s not the one. Nonetheless, you should also tell your guy that this bothers you and who knows, he might change his attitude.

Communication Issues

Signs He’s Not the One: Trust Issues

Trust is also important if you want to have a solid relationship. And when this element lacks, you might have encountered another essential sign he’s not the one. If you don’t trust what he’s telling you or where he has been, it might be the perfect time to reconsider your commitment. Are you asking yourselves why? It’s because trust is very important if you’re interested in building something strong and lasting.

Signs He’s Not into You: No Emotion

Lack of emotion can be one of those important signs he’s not into you. A healhty relationship is not only based on trust and communication, it’s also based on strong emotions. And if your partner doesn’t seem to show his emotions, even after dating for several months, you might want to take this sign into account. Not everyone feels the need to express his feelings right away, but once time passes, he’ll want to let you know about his feelings.

Good Sign He’s Not the One: Lies

Lies can be another good sign he’s not the one. Of course, he might feel the need to tell small white lies such as: ‘Darling you look great in that red dress’, but what happens when you catch him with a bigger lie? If your partner has lied about the place he’s been and the people he’s been with, you should think twice, as sometimes, these lies can harm the other person involved.

Lying Partner

Sign He’s not Into You: No Talk about the Future

Not making plans for the future might be an important sign he’s not into you, especially if you’ve been dating for a while now. That’s why you should tell him about your concern and you should wait and see his reaction. 

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