Certain sayings that have been passed on from generation to generation definitely have a strong base behind and one of these sayings is “you don’t realize what you have until you lose it”. To make sure you make the right decision, to stick to your relationship or move on, it’s best to take certain things into consideration. Take a peek at the following tips that can help you determine he’s perfect for you and before you make a decision, make sure you’ve given it a deep thought:

You think alike Sure, opposites attract, but sometimes having things in common with the other, identifying a piece of you in the other person, can surely bring two people together. Your half should be on the same length as you as this is one of the reasons why people are searching for their ‘other half’. Now don’t be looking for someone that will agree with you in everything, but someone that will enjoy the same things you enjoy most, as connecting with someone at such a level will make you feel comfortable and feeling comfortable around one another is definitely a must.

He pays attention to your needs They say men don’t pay attention to what women need, but that’s not really true. Depending on personality, character as well as feelings, a man can pay more attention to your needs than you’d expect. If your guy listens to you and takes into account your feelings and needs, he definitely cares and wants to make sure you’re comfortable. The tiniest details can sometimes make a huge difference, so try to pay more attention to the way he behaves around you.

He communicatesCommunication is the key to a successful and long lasting relationship and where’s no communication, things can’t be good. Talking about your needs and trying to resolve certain ‘bumps’ which every relationship hits along the way can make your ‘journey’ through life together much more pleasant, so open up and help him open up to try and work out any problems. This is the only way you’ll see if your relationship is heading in the right direction.

He’s spontaneous At the beginning of a relationship, maintaining a connection is easy, but with time routine kicks in and if you don’t try to spice things up a bit once in a while, maintaining that connection will start to become tricky. His spontaneity or his love for you will definitely help you avoid entering a routine.

He supports you Nothing else can feel worse than knowing you don’t have the support you need in a relationship, so if he stands by your side and supports you in your decisions, than he’s definitely a keeper. That doesn’t mean not being able to share his opinion with regards to your decisions, so don’t look for someone that will follow you. You should be looking for a partner, not a follower.

He respects you Respect is definitely one of the keys to a long lasting, beautiful relationship and where’s love, there should be respect. They say that with time love fades away, but if you have respect, you can never lose the feeling of love for one another.

He shows he cares Small details make all the difference when it comes to girls and something as simple as saying ‘I Love You’ while looking in the eyes or receiving a flower or receiving your breakfast in bed can make all the difference. Women crave attention and they want to feel loved and if he’s the guy that isn’t shy to treasure you, he’s definitely a keeper.

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