Every relationship has its ups and downs. Feel you’ve hit rock bottom? Don’t despair, there are ways you can save your relationship.

1. Think about what went wrong.The first step to saving your relationship is pinpointing the root cause of the problem. Sometimes you may pinpoint one major reason, like cheating. More often than not, there may be several factors at play. Little things can add up – maybe you’re both stressed at work and no longer have time for each other. Perhaps you’re just drifting apart or the flame has died out.

2. Talk things over.Once you’ve zoomed in on the source of the problem, it’s time to have an honest talk with your partner. Let him/her say where he/she thinks the problem lies and then discuss whether or not you agree.

3. Decide if your relationship is worth saving.Once you’ve let it all out, you should decide whether the relationship is worth fixing. Do you feel you still love each other and want to mend things or do you feel whatever you had is too broke to fix? If the crisis was caused by one person’s cheating, can the other person really get over it?

Couples Therapy

4. Draw up a game plan together.If you decide both of you are committed to saving your relationship, the next step will be drawing up a plan for action. Seeing a relationship counselor could help you get an objective perspective on how to mend things.

5. Learn to open up again.Lack of communication is often the underlying cause of problems in a relationship. Therefore, bridging the communication gap is essential in saving your relationship. If, for some reason or another, you’ve stopped sharing thoughts with each other, learn to open up again.

6. Learn to compromise.Learning to compromise is essential when it comes to saving your relationship. You have to strive towards reaching a common ground with your significant other, accepting it’s more important to be happy than to be right. Make sure both of you know how to compromise.

Couple Reconnecting

7. Don’t be passive-aggressive.Saving your relationship will require letting go of negative feelings. If something is bothering you, let it all out. Keeping it all in is not going to help solve the problem.

8. Rekindle the flame.Making time for each other and working to rekindle the flame are essential in saving your relationship. Work “date night” into your schedules and try out new things every week. Make time to cuddle and tell each other how much you mean to each other.

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