The desire for a soulmate is a universal yearning, but how can you be sure someone you fancy is truly “the one”? Soulmates astrology or synastry can be a very powerful tool in helping you distinguish a passing attraction from a marriage of true souls. Synastry is a complex method of comparing birth charts, looking for strengths and weakness in the area of compatibility. There are no such things as soulmates zodiac signs or true love zodiac signs. So, unless you can get a personalized compatibility report from a professional astrologer, here are the main areas you should be looking at when comparing birth charts and assessing a potential astrology soulmate.

1.The Seventh House

The first place to look when assessing zodiac soulmate compatibility is your Seventh House or the house of marriage, which stands exactly opposite the rising sign. What we find here proves, yet again, despite traditional emphasis on star sign compatibility, that opposites attract. The rising sign is naturally drawn to the sign it opposes. The sign in this house can give you a first indication concerning chances of a happy union.

Astrology Soulmate

Check out for any planets in the Seventh House, as they can help you identify a potential astrology soulmate. For instance, if your Sun or Moon is in your love interest’s Seventh House, this will indicate chances you truly are soulmates by zodiac.

2. Sun to Sun Aspects

Sun to Sun aspects are a very good sign, which can indicate someone is your astrology soulmate. They announce a harmonious relation, in which the two partners nourish each other and add to each other’s energy.

3. Sun to Moon Aspects

Because the Sun and the Moon symbolize the perfect union, a Sun to Moon aspect will indicate a strong match for an astrology soulmate. As the relationship evolves, the “Sun” person tends to take a leading role in the relation, while the “Moon” person usually slides into a supporting role.

4. Aspects between Mars and Venus

A Mars to Venus aspect (especially a trine or sextile) is also a good clue that someone may be your astrology soulmate, promising a fruitful romantic and sexual union.

Mars And Venus


5. The North Node of the Moon

In karmic astrology, the North Node of the Moon is associated with the moment a soulmate comes into your life. So, if you or your partner’s North Node connects with a personal planet in the other’s chart, this could point to a very strong match for an astrology soulmate.

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