Just think about it: are there certain things you’d like to improve in your love life? If your answer’s yes, these 2014 relationship resolution suggestions might serve as great sources of inspiration for the things you’d like to do better with your partner.

Love Resolutions: Spend More Time Together

Have you realized that this year you didn’t spend quite enough time together? Then why not remedy things in 2014 with this love resolution? Although you both might have busy schedules, you should try to spend more time together. If you come home early from work, you can cook your partner his favorite dish. Set the table and wait for him to come home. He’ll be very surprised by your romantic gesture and he’ll certainly appreciate this. Also, ask him how his day was, as communication is the key to a beautiful relationship.

New Year’s Relationship Resolutions: Say ‘Thank You’ More

Here’s to one of the most important New Year’s relationship resolutions! Although you might find it a bit surprising to see this suggestion included here, you should know that these little words can play a great part in the improvement of your relationship. Couples counselors say that it’s very important to acknowledge your partner’s involvement into the relationship. That’s why you should say ‘Thank you’ more often. Your guy will feel that he’s appreciated and he’ll love that.

Marriage Resolutions: Hire a Babysitter

Loving Family

You should also include hiring a babysitter amongst the greatest marriage resolutions for 2014. If you have kids, you find it somewhat hard to go out on dates just the two of you. Thus, you should consider getting a babysitter to watch your children while you’re on your weekly evening date. Talk to your friends that already have experience in the matter. They can recommend someone trustworthy and you’ll be able to take your husband out to a fancy restaurant. Pick a beautiful dress that fits you perfectly, pair it with stylish shoes and a sexy makeup and get ready to “wow” your beau.

2014 Relationship Resolutions: Respect His Hobbies

Respecting your guy’s hobbies should also be included amongst the best 2014 relationship resolutions. Does he love furniture restoration? In this case, next year you can get more involved in his hobby. You can learn a few things by yourself and he’ll happily continue teaching you the rest. He’ll explain the entire process and you can also get to give him a hand. Moreover, if he needs a certain tool and it’s in your budget range, you can buy it for him and offer it as a present. Your partner will definitely be surprised by your gift and he’ll love your initiative.

Special New Year’s Relationship Resolution: Create New Memories

Couple In Paris

2014 can also offer you the possibility of creating new memories together. So, you should adopt this special New Year’s relationship resolution and plan a trip just the two of you. Pick a place you haven’t visited before, like Paris or Machu Picchu. Make the itinerary, plan what you’re going to visit and book the plane and train tickets. You won’t regret it!

Love Resolution: Say You’re Sorry

This is another important love resolution you should have in mind next year. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you might say things that you’ll probably regret afterwards. That’s why counselors recommend reconsidering things and apologizing to your partner after saying something you shouldn’t have. You should think that you’re on the same team and your common goal is for this relationship to work smoothly. And at the end of the day, you’ll see that things will work out.

Relationship Resolution for 2014: Be Responsible for Your Actions

It’s also important to be responsible for your actions. That’s why you should take into account this relationship resolution for 2014. You should let your actions speak for themselves and you should refrain from blaming others for those bad things that might happen. Taking responsibility for your actions will also show maturity. You’ll know what you want, that is, to make your relationship better.

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