When you’re in a new relationship taking a trip together, even if it’s just a weekend getaway can be stressful on both of you. Away from your routines, you might see your partner for who he really is and he might to the same.

In order to enjoy your first trip together as a couple in the best way, it’s important to prepare and follow a few simple rules, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a road trip. Here are the right tips that can help you navigate this new situation and avoid any major conflict.

Don’t Aim Too High

If you’ve been dating for a short while, a weekend trip is the best option. A few months into the relationship, you should plan a four day, but it’s usually not wise to rush into a full week if you’ve been together for less than six months. Make sure that you’re both prepared for it, and you don’t commit to a long vacation right away.

Compromise on the Location

Going on a trip to a location that doesn’t really interest you at all is not a good idea. Relationships are about compromise, but your first trip together as a couple should be about both of you, not just someone doing something nice for the other. Make sure you’re both getting what you want out of it by choosing the right location.

First Trip As A Couple

Plan Together

It’s important to open up and discuss the things that you love about a holiday before you make big plans. If one of you loves to wake up late and lounge by the pool, while the other wants to get up at the crack of dawn and visit museums, you won’t be on the same page. Talk about an outline, but don’t over plan. Discussing every little detail in advance can also become a source of stress.

Be Flexible

Even if you love planning, staying flexible on your first trip together as a couple is very important. Every vacation can have unexpected moments, so don’t put too much pressure on your plans. Go with the flow in order to enjoy yourself and make the most out of it, even if the weather is bad for your initial plans.

Split the Expenses

Unless one of you simply can’t afford any travel right now, you should split the bill for your getaway. Financial issues are tricky to discuss in the first months of a relationship and they can also create tension and resentment if the person who’s paying for all of it wants to always have the last word on how you’ll spend that time.

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Spending Too Much Time in Bed

Even if you just want a relaxed getaway for two, your first trip together as a couple shouldn’t be spent in bed with room service. You can probably do that at home. Since you’re in a different location, try to experience new things together in order to get closer, and create a balance between going out and just relaxing in bed.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Things Apart

An hour apart while you’re doing things you both love is perfectly normal in a weekend getaway. The longer the vacation, the more time you should each spend by yourself. Plan your separate activities during the same afternoon, whether it’s work or a relaxing spa treatment.

First Vacation As A Couple

Compromise Your Routine

Spending an hour on your hair or exfoliating and moisturizing every day is a bit much. On your first trip together as a couple, you should allow yourselves time for the really important things in your routine, while also compromising on the smaller things. If this is the first time you spend three or more uninterrupted days together, you both need to accept the other’s habits.

Fix Any Problems Before You Leave

Going on a trip together after an unresolved fight is the last you should do when it’s your first getaway as a couple. Try to fix any big issues before you go. If that’s not possible, then just suspend them and focus on having a good time. Once you get back, they might be already solved, or you’ll both be in a better place to compromise.

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Don’t Overthink It

On your first trip together as a couple, you might learn a lot about each other. You have plenty of time to process it when you’re back home. Forcing conflict into a vacation is a really bad idea, since you could end up breaking up even though you’re both in an emotionally altered state than day to day life.