If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, is looking forward to it as much as you do, you should definitely find a creative ways of sharing the great news with him.

Discover the best ways to tell him you are pregnant, ideas that will help you create a special and unforgettable moment. 

As long as you’re sure there’s no doubt in his mind about the pregnancy being great news, try these excellent ideas to convey the news, whether it’s your first born or you already have one or more children.

Say It Through a T-Shirt

If you want a long lasting memento of the time you tell him he’s going to be a father, you can find plenty of t-shirts, either for him (“World’s Best Daddy To Be”), for yourself (“Baby on Board”) or for your children (“Big Brother” or “Big Sister”).

Turn the Positive Test into a Gift

One of the best ways to tell him you are pregnant is to incorporate the pregnancy test into a special gift. First of all, clean it. You can wait to confirm the pregnancy with your OB/GYN, or share the good news after multiple positive pregnancy tests. Add a book on choosing the perfect baby name and you’ve got a great package for the future dad.

Give Baby News To Husband

Spell It Out for Him

Giving him a written message might also be a good idea if you’re wondering how to deliver the news, but don’t settle for a card. Whether you tell him during a game of Scrabble or write it on the bathroom mirror with lipstick, don’t settle for someone else’s words.

Suprise Him with the Sonogram

One of the best ways to tell him you are pregnant is to show him, with baby’s first sonogram picture. This might not be the best idea if you can’t keep the secret until you get it, but it would be a nice surprise for any man.

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Take Him Shopping

While you’re out shopping, take him to a baby store and pick out something cute. When he starts asking questions about why you’re already picking out things, tell him that your baby is on the way and be prepared for a very happy reaction.

Show Him How Big Your Baby Is

Since the best ways to tell him you are pregnant are by showing him, you can also create a special moment by showing him how big the embryo is. In weeks 3 and 4, it’s as big as a poppy seed, and by week 6 the size is that of a sweet pea.

Go for the Literal Approach

For your first pregnancy, you can also get very literal before delivering the happy news to your partner. Get a hamburger bun and put it on a plate in the middle of your oven. Ask him to look inside because you saw something move in there and watch his puzzled expression until he gets that the bun in the oven isn’t just literal.

Best Pregnancy Announcement For Boyfriend

Tell Him on a Special Day

One of the best ways to tell him you are pregnant, when you know he’s just as eager to have a child as you are, is on a special day. If a big anniversary, a birthday or even better Father’s Day is coming up, try to wait and share the great news with him in a private moment before telling all your family and friends about it.

Guide Him to the Right Parking Spot

If you know of any place nearby with stroller parking, or any other type of sign for expectant mothers, ask him to park there, before sharing the big news. Once you get his reaction, be sure to move the car, since being pregnant for just a few weeks doesn’t actually allow you to park there.

Fix His Favorite Drink in a Baby Bottle

Definitely one of the best ways to tell him you are pregnant is to fix him a cocktail or simply get him a beer in a baby bottle. Once he gets over the initial shock, he’ll quickly get your hint and you’re ready to start planning your celebration.

Propose to Him

You don’t have to get down on one knee, but proposing fatherhood is definitely a cute idea. Ask him to be your baby’s father for better or worse, and if he’s a romantic, he’ll definitely appreciate your gesture.

Stuff His Sock Drawer with Baby Things

Dropping a few baby things among his own might be one of the best ways to tell him you are pregnant. Don’t start buying diapers just yet, but drop a baby bottle or a bib among his socks and wait for the happy reaction.