Making a little effort goes a long way in any relationship, so if you want to become or stay a happy couple, trying a few relationship life hacks can certainly help. There are plenty of things you can hack for the better in a relationship and trying them even once can have a positive effect.

From knowing how to pick your battles to avoiding a few negative situations that don’t benefit anyone, here are some of the best relationship hacks. Try these simple tips and your relationship could easily move on to the next level.

1. Have a Present Ready for a Bad Day

It doesn’t have to be an expensive present or even an object. But when you feel like your significant other is having a bad day, make an effort to help him out. From comfort food to a back rub or an object that could instantly bring a smile, have a plan for helping your partner overcome a bad time.

2. Banish “I Told You So”

Being a gracious winner is one of the best relationship hacks. Gloating when you’re right should not be a part of your relationship. If you’re in the wrong, don’t be afraid to admit it. However, when you’re right, just let it go. “I told you so” or any other way of rubbing his nose in it will only create more tension and conflict.

3. Share Physical Experiences

Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster or the endorphins released when you exercise together, sharing those active moments can really bring you together. You don’t have to go to the gym together every single time, but including some physical activities in your quality time will go a long way.

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4. Learn How to Stop Your Anger

It takes two to fight, so one of the best relationship hacks is learning when to stop. A simple trick would be to have arguments while you’re holding hands. The risk of things getting out of control is much lower. Take a walk while holding hands and talk things through. It’s a much better way to solve conflicts than by screaming at each other from opposite corners of a room.

5. Share Chores Wisely

Forget about traditional gender roles when it comes to household chores and just have an honest discussion with each other about what each of you likes or hates. Agreeing to take on the chores your partner hates the most, turns them into favors, and that will get him to feel grateful. For the chores that you both hate equally, aim for equilibrium, but don’t get petty when it comes to whose turn it is.

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6. Never Argue about Unimportant Things

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the stakes and just argue for the sake of protecting your opinion. One of the best relationship hacks is focusing on sorting out what’s important from what’s really not. Unless there’s a significant negative impact on you if your guy does something his own way, there’s no good reason to try to change that.

7. Share Compliments

Everyone loves a compliment, but they’re particularly powerful when they come from your partner and they’re really heartfelt. You can see the best version of your guy, so don’t hesitate to compliment him when that shines through. Positive interactions can have a very good impact on your relationship and keep the spark alive for decades.

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8. Say “Thank You”

Showing gratitude when your partner goes out of his way to do something for you is one of the best relationship hacks. Being thankful doesn’t only matter for the big things, it’s important to stay in that state of mind every day, so you can show your man how much you appreciate him.

9. Push, Don’t Shove

In a healthy relationship, pushing each other to learn new things or just get better at something can be a very valuable tool. However, you should always do it in a considerate manner, not try to shove your guy towards something he doesn’t really care about.

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10. Stay Interested in Each Other

It’s easy to make the assumption that you know everything about your partner once you’ve been together long enough. However, one of the best relationship hacks is staying open to his thoughts and opinions. Instead of assuming what he’d like to do, engage him in a conversation about it and you might discover new things about him.