There are a lot of ways that an app can be useful in your relationship, from providing romantic ideas to helping you build a timeline of it. Check out some of the best relationship apps for iPhone and Android, that can add a lot to your romance.

From date planning apps to sexting ideas or suggestions on improving your sex life, here are a few excellent apps that can bring you closer as a couple and solve plenty of common problems.

`1. Couple

Install this app and you’ll always feel close to your guy. Couple is free in the App Store and Google Play, and it provided much more than just a timeline that you can use to build a shared history. 

Couple   Relationship App For Two

You can share messages with your loved one, share to-do lists and even send photos that disappear after a set time period.

2. BetterHalf Date Planning

Better Half Date Planning

If you’re running out of ideas when it comes to your date night, the $0.99 iPhone app proves its usefulness as one of the best best relationship apps. Surprise your significant other with a great date after gaining access to his favorite restaurants and movies and make reservations right through the app to create a special night.

3. Avocado

Avocado Chat App For Couples

Keep your schedules connected through one of the best relationship apps. Avocado keeps you connected as couple by helping you plan activities with your guy, while also helping you send each other photo and video messages. Make him a priority by trying the private chat function and enjoy the many features of this app, that also include notifications when his phone battery is dying. The free app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

4. Kindu

Kindu Relationship App

Another free app that’s available both in the App Store and Google Play, Kindu helps you explore your sexuality with your guy, particularly if you find some subjects too awkward to approach face to face. Open up about your fantasies and turn ons and the app will identify the answers that matched your partner’s, helping you experiment without initiating a difficult discussion.

5. A Sexy Text

A Sexy Text Relationship App

If you’re bad at sexting, you can shell out $1.99 in the App Store for one of the best relationship apps. Create the perfect text with the help of this app, whether you’re in a dirty or romantic mood. Find the perfect tone and use photos from the app gallery to really stimulate him visually without taking any sexy selfies yourself.

6. Fix a Fight

Fix A Fight Relationship App

If you don’t want to consider relationship counseling, try this $4.99 iPhone app that brings you the tools to fix your conflicts quickly and effectively. Created by the relationship experts from The Gottman Institute, this simple app helps you identify the intensity of your feelings and taking a few steps to use great problem solving tips that also help you out in the long run.

7. Appy Couple

Appy Couple Relationship App

If you’re ready to make the biggest commitment, Appy Couple is definitely one of the best relationship apps. Available in the Google Play and App Store, the free app helps you share details about your upcoming nuptials and your love story with guests. From sharing event details to making travel arrangements, this is the perfect way to start your wedding album and keep everything organized.

8. Love Maps

Love Maps Relationship App

Created by the Gottman Institute, this $1.99 iPhone app helps you stay connected to your partner’s preferences and open up a dialog on many important issues. Strengthen your relationship by learning more about your guy with this useful app.

9. 69 Places

69 Places Relationship App

If you’re looking for some sexy adventures to keep the passion alive in your relationship, 69 Places is one of the best relationship apps. The free iPhone app has plenty of reasonable suggestions for a hot quickie, along with weirder ones, that could be the starting point for discovering shared fantasies.