Whether you’re completely vanilla or like to try some kinky things as well, food can definitely make a difference in the bedroom. The secret to successfully using it in your lovemaking is to choose the right types of food and take a few precautionary measures.

Discover the best foods to use in bed, but remember that food play is usually safer from the waist up. Even the most benign looking foods can cause trouble, from irritation to yeast infections when they get into places they’re not supposed to be in.

Get Fruity

You can’t go wrong with fruits in the bedroom, from bananas to strawberries. If you opt for bigger fruit, removing the skins and cutting them into smaller pieces is the way to go. You should also have two bowls handy, one for the fresh fruit and one for used pieces. While licking their juice off your partner’s skin can be a big turn on, be careful with citrus fruit, that can cause irritation when touching more sensitive areas.

Whipped Cream

Whether you go for the standard or try some different with flavored whipped cream, it’s definitely one of the best foods to use in bed. Make yourself a whipped cream bikini and make him lick it off or put it on your fingers so he can suck it off. Remember that cold whipped cream adds an extra layer of pleasure, so refrigerate it before initiating foreplay, but never put a can of it in the freezer.


If you’re not afraid to get a bit more messy, then honey can be the perfect way to take your foreplay to the next level. Remember that it’s usually runny at room temperature, so you can refrigerate it in advance. Maple syrup is a good alternative to honey, but a little of it placed in the right spots can go a long way.

Chocolate For Foreplay


Definitely one of the best foods to use in bed, chocolate should always be smooth when you want to use it in your foreplay. You can opt for chocolate body paint or a smooth chocolate sauce. If you just warm up regular chocolate, you’re still going to get a treat, but it will harden once it’s cooled off, making it a big more difficult to use.


Turn yourself or you guy into a sexy sushi platter with the Japanese art of nyotaimori, also known as body sushi. Make sure that you choose bite sized pieces and stay far away from wasabi. One wrong move, and a wasabi roll can cause a lot of irritation can kill off the mood completely. Hide your chopsticks and make him eat each piece of your naked body using just his mouth.


Extremely versatile, candy is one of best foods to use in bed. You can experiment with it in a lot of different ways, from candy strings worn as garters to sour belts that you can use for a gentle spanking. Spray candy can be used just like honey, but be prepared to stay sticky until you hit the shower if you use too much of it.

Best Foods For Foreplay

Lollipops and Popsicles

These classics are still some of the best foods to use in bed. Ask him to show you on a lollipop what he’d like you to do to him or tease him with a cold popsicle. Because they usually melt quicker than you’d like, have a bowl handy to keep the mess to a minimum.

Peanut Butter

Whether he’s licking it off your fingers or more erogenous zones, peanut butter is also a great option if you’re worried about getting the sheets dirty with something really sweet. Unlike honey or chocolate, peanut butter always stays put, and you can also add a little jelly if you don’t mind it running on your body.


The tingling of champagne bubbles can be very sensual against the skin, and there’s a lot you can do with it. Whether you’re licking it off his skin or kissing with a mouthful of it, make sure that it’s chilled and it’s not too dry.

Be Prepared

Once you’ve chosen your favorites from the best foods to use in bed, you should also be prepared to keep the mess to a minimum. You can lay down towels on your bed when you plan on playing with a really runny food, and baby wipes are a must for the cleanup. Remember to keep sweets away from places where they don’t belong, since sugar can drastically change the pH in your vagina and can cause yeast infections.