You don't have to be the weaker one in your relationship. It's time to learn more about the following 7 sneaky tricks to manipulate men in order to achieve your personal goals.

Controlling people might seem a pretty trick and often mean business. However, there's always room for development, therefore, it is not a bad thing to find out more about these 7 sneaky tricks to manipulate men.
Save your relationship from harsh conflicts and fights by convincing your significant other that you have good intentions by tackling various delicate issues and there's no need to be offensive.

1. Let Him Prove You're Wrong

You just bought a brand new t-shirt for your cutie in spite of the fact that you know he might not wear it? It's time to use a simple manipulation trick to make him cope with a few changes. Guys feel extremely confident when demonstrating that their girlfriend is wrong. Let him do it and tell him 'Yes, actually this t-shirt doesn't look that good on you'. After a few minutes he'll definitely put the t-shirt on and will even wear it, in most of the cases.

2. Emotional Blackmailing

Men seem to do anything to avoid emotional blackmailing. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most widely used manipulating strategies women adopt all over the world.
In order to achieve your goals, all you have to do is finish up the fight with the 'Fine, I'll do it on my own!' sentence.

3. Surprise Him With His Favorite Meals

If you're preparing to ask a favor from your cutie, first, set the perfect atmosphere to guarantee your success. Cook his favorite meal and charm him with a memorable gourmet experience.

Surprise him in this blissful condition and ask the wish you want him to fulfill. Your loved one will have serious difficulties to refuse your request.

4. Boost His Ego

Men are proud of their ego and ladies know that. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use this factor as the best means to manipulate men. Behave as a vulnerable woman and let him take over the lead in various situations. Then as the wish is fulfilled, be sure to thank your sweetie for his effort and seem extremely grateful for him being your hero.

5. Win The Love of His Friends and Family

Men let themselves be influenced by their friends and family. If you manage to win the heart of your cutie's closest circle, you have green way to use your manipulative strategies. Ruining his reputation with the worst rumors is a real nightmare for men. Therefore, they will save themselves from nagging and any complaints by fulfilling your wishes.

6. Shed a Tear

This manipulating trick might require advanced acting skills. After a fight when you feel the need to make him feel guilty about his acts, shed a few tears. Crying is one of the most difficult things guys can't deal with. If you succeed in pretending to feel uber-offended, your significant other will definitely find a way to console you.

7. 'I did it for you'

You can pretend to make small changes in your home or in your love life by saying the magic spell: 'I did it for you'. Guys will definitely react with compassion if you manage to make them feel responsible for the outburst of a fight. Learn how to control your temper and act in a humble and submissive way. The positive reaction will be imminent.

Trick to Manipulate Men

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