We’ve heard of so many extreme situations when it comes to relationships. Analyze your life as a couple to see whether your partner has a positive impact on your life and viceversa. Browse through our list of 7 signs of a healthy relationship to see how strong your love bond is.

1. You Don’t Complain to Your Friends

Living in a healthy relationship means that you can talk through all your problems with your partner. Complaining to friends about your cutie means that you still have some delicate issues you can’t talk about. If you don’t feel the urge to gossip with your friends about the weak points of your significant other, it means that you’re in a healthy relationship.

2. Respecting Friendships

Respecting friendships is one of the best signs that you’re in a healthy relationship. If your partner accepts your friends and you have no problem accepting his friends, it is a clear hint that you’re love bond is extremely strong.

Isolation is the worst you can do with your partner. Instead, enjoy the company of your friends and inject versatility into your relationship.

3. Listening Skills

Having good listening skills is a must in a healthy relationship.

See whether your partner allows you to tell your opinions or he has a better answer for every question. Listening to what the other has to say is one of the best signs of mutual respect.

4. Sense of Humor

Each couple has to find a way to ease the tension in delicate situations. Laughing is one of the easiest ways to do this. Therefore, you’re living in a healthy relationship if you have a refined sense of humor and you use it often to solve different situations and avoid disputes.

5. You Don’t Think About Him All the Time

Living in a healthy relationship means that you don’t have to think about your partner all the time. Confidence and the sense of security is essential to trust your boyfriend. A less harmonious relationship makes you think about infidelity, trust issues and other problems.

6. Quiet Times

Those who share strong feeling don’t feel the need to chat all the time. In the majority of healthy relationships partners have no problem with quiet times. It is enough if you have your significant other around.

7. You Can Talk About Past Relationships

Indeed, it is a weird sign that you’re in a healthy relationship. Talking about your past relationships without feeling embarrassed or feeling jealous is the best sign that you trust each other. There’s no need to feel upset if you’re 100% sure that your cutie loves you.

Healthy Relationship Signs

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