It is extremely difficult to come to terms with the changes in the behavior of your cutie. If you want to know whether these actually mean the end of your relationship, read through our guide of 7 signs he’s not in love anymore. Analyze his gestures and secret messages to know more about the future of your love life as a couple.

1. No More Preferential Treatment

If your boyfriend is not eager to embrace a masculine role in your relationship and treats you as equal, it means that he is no longer a fan of offering you preferential treatment. This is one of the warning signs that he stopped thinking about you as the most important person in his life.

2. Your Annoying Habits Don’t Annoy Him Anymore

Guys have a funny way to show that they are not interested anymore. If you notice that your boyfriend is no longer bothered by some of your most annoying habits, it is a clear sign that he has no intention to stay in this relationship for too long. Disinterest is one of the worst factors that can ruin the life of a couple.

3. He’s Too Concerned About His Appearance

If your cutie loved to sport a laid back look when you were around and now he is too concerned about his appearance, it means that he’s ready to move on or at least make an impression on others. It may seem painful to admit that your relationship is heading down a dead end.

4. He Stopped Calling You Honey

If your boyfriend stopped calling you honey, sweetie or darling, it is a warning sign that his strong feelings for you have disappeared. Guys use this trick to send a secret message to their partner that ‘love no longer lives’ there.

5. He Only Wants to Go Out with Friends

Guys who lose interest in their partner often plan activities with friends. If your boyfriend has problems spending time with you, it is a clear sign that he lost interest and he also wants to meet other people. Speak out or try to breathe life in your relationship.

6. He’s No Longer an Open Book to You

Your significant other forgets to tell you about his day or any other fun stories. This is definitely one of the signs that he no longer wants to be an open book for you. Whether he has something to hide or he’s tired of communicating with you, the point is that you must notice and analyze this change in his behavior.

7. He Became Too Busy to Answer Your Calls

Men often find all kinds of excuses to mask their disinterest. One would be to claim that they were too busy to answer your calls or text messages. If this happens too often, either confront your partner or find a way to make him admit that he’s no longer interested in your relationship.

Signs He Is Not In Love Anymore

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