There’s this tendency women have of wanting to change their partners. What if you found out that there are certain things you simply can’t change about the one next to you? Are you curious to find out what are the things you can’t change about men?

Things Women Can’t Change About Men: Expressing Their Feelings Often

Unlike women, men are not into showing their emotions that often. This is one of the things women can’t change about men. If you love him, you may feel the need to tell him those three little words very often, and admit it, you’d also like to hear them all the time.

Your partner, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the need to express his feelings that frequently. This doesn’t mean he’s not into you, it’s simply in his nature to be more reserved about his feelings. You should also observe his actions, because sometimes they speak louder than his words.

Expressing Feelings

Things You Can’t Change About Men: Looking at Other Women

You may want to add ‘looking at other women’ amongst the things you can’t change about men. You probably want to think that you’re the only girl he’s looking at, but he’ll most likely check out other women too.

You shouldn’t worry, however, because your man knows very well what are his priorities. Admiring other ladies isn’t that bad and you shouldn’t get upset about it. And instead of asking yourself ‘Can women change men?’, you should team up with your guy and admire beautiful ladies. You can even comment upon different things. He’ll definitely appreciate how easy going you are! However, keep in mind that there’s a fine line between looking and flirting!

Thing Women Can’t Change About Men: Not Being Able to Guess What’s Wrong

Here’s a thing women can’t change about men. If something is bothering you and he asks you what happened, you shouldn’t stick to the classic ‘nothing’. Why? Because men aren’t into guessing, they like blunt sincerity, as this is the easiest path to fixing things quickly. So, next time you feel upset about something he did, you should tell him directly. Sharing your feelings with your partner will make your bond stronger, and the communication between the two of you smoother.

Upset Woman

Thing You Can’t Change About Men: Giving Fashion Advice

So, can women change men? Despite this instinctive approach, you should think twice, because there’s a very good reason for which you’ve fallen in love with this guy. Do you want to find out another important thing women can’t change about men? Here you have it: giving fashion advice. Men love when women take their advice on fashion because this means their opinion matters. So, if your partner loves seeing you in red, by all means, buy a beautiful red dress and impress him with a romantic dinner.

Important Thing You Can’t Change About Men: He Won’t Stop Watching Sports

Does your guy like watching sports and he gets very passionate every time his favorite football team wins a match? If so, you’ve discovered a great thing you can’t change about men. If you have certain rules and watching sports isn’t allowed in the house, he’ll simply take his friends out to a pub and enjoy with them a dramatic World Cup match.

What Women Can’t Change in Men: Organizing Skills

You should avoid constantly wondering ‘why women can’t change men?’ and you should accept the fact that you are built differently. Let’s take, for example, organizing. Generally speaking, women tend to be more organized than men. They are great at remembering anniversaries and sending Happy Birthday cards. Men, on the other hand, don’t consider these to be important. So, you shouldn’t be bothered by this thing you can’t change about men because he’s not doing it on purpose.

Essential Things Women Can’t Change About Men: Compliments

Being short on compliments is one of the things women can’t change about men, as much as they’d like to. Admit it, you’d like your partner to pay you compliments more often. It feels great to wake up in the morning and to find a lovely post-it with a message of this kind: ‘You look stunning today, dear’. If you want your partner to be more romantic and thoughtful, speak your mind: he might just hear you and take your suggestion into account!

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