Do you feel like doing something sweet for that special someone in your life? Here are some nice things you can do for your boyfriend, whether it's a special occasion or not.

1. Cook him dinner.

This ranks very high on the list of nice things to do for your boyfriend. We're not saying you should make a habit out of it, but, once in a while, you could surprise him with a special home cooked dinner. It doesn't have to be something very fancy, but something you know he will like. Choose a fine wine that goes with the food. Be sure to whip up a dessert as well.

2. Plan a picnic.

Looking for nice things to do for your boyfriend? How about planning a surprise picnic for the weekend? Take him to the park or to a favorite spot (on the beach, for instance) and surprise him with a basket filled with treats and a nice bottle of wine.

Couple At Picnic

3. Make a scrapbook.

Pondering on creative things to do for your boyfriend? You could create a scrapbook of your relationship. Start out with the story of how you met and your first impressions. Fill it with mementos of your relationship - photos, post cards, love letters or anything that bears a special significance for you. It's a great way to celebrate your relationship so far and to start a record for later years.

4. Make him a special CD.

Thinking of nice things to do for your boyfriend when he's stressed out? You could make him a special CD, to help him unwind or to cheer him up. Add a handwritten note, with some of your favorite lyrics.

Guy Listening To Girl Playing The Guitar

5. Send photos

Looking for nice things to do for your boyfriend long distance? Take pictures of yourself, of places you visit or of the things you do and send them to your boyfriend, to give him a sense of sharing your daily life. Don't be shy about sending more daring photos at bedtime, to keep the fire burning, but leave some things to the imagination.

6. Please him.

Pondering on nice things to do for your boyfriend? Do your best to please him, whether it's by fulfilling one of his fantasies or by doing something you know he enjoys. This doesn't mean crossing boundaries you're uncomfortable with, but be sure to keep an open mind.

7. Buy him a card just because.

If you're trying to find nice things to do for your boyfriend, how about getting him a card just to show you care? You can find greeting cards for every occasion, whether you want to say “I'm sorry” after a fight, cheer him up when he's stressed out or simply thank him for being in your life.

Guy Receiving A Relaxing Massage

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