Guys simply love dating and flirting, however, when it comes to settling down and committing to a long-term relationship, they often shy away of the responsibility.

If you’re not sure whether your boyfriend’s future plans include you, it is wise to read through the following 6 signs.

1. He Talks to His Ex-Girlfriend

Talking to his ex-girlfriend is one of the clear signs that he’s not over his past relationship. Moreover, guys can use this thing as the perfect tool to transmit the message that, ‘I’m not ready to move on’. Don’t think about this act as being offensive, just listen to your intuitions when it comes to making any future plans and whether to include this guy into them or not.

2. No PDA in Public

Are you worried about the fact that your cutie doesn’t show his emotions in public? PDA is a delicate subject for guys and some can scare away of your affectionate gestures when hanging out with your friends.

However, it is also a fact that most of the guys who are in love will at least put their hands on yours or will give you peck on the cheek.

3. He Always Makes You Wait

When you plan a romantic dinner or a movie night, he’s late all the time? Receiving an emergency call from your cutie is the only excuse for his act.

However, if he feels 100% comfortable with coming minutes or hours later to your date can be a sign of him being selfish and disrespectful. Avoid making a scene, instead draw the wisest conclusion and next time let him do the organizing of any activities.

4. He Won’t Do Anything Nice to Surprise You

Guys who won’t do any kind of nice gesture to surprise you are not only selfish but also unwilling to commit. If your cutie thinks about his own interest only, you’ll have to face reality and ask him about his long-term plans with this relationship.

5. He Texts You Instead of Calling

This is one of the warning signs you should keep an eye on. Guys who are in love, just can’t wait to hear the voice of their dream girl. Texting can become more impersonal and misleading. Avoiding direct communication can be one of the secret weapons of your sweetie to keep you at a moderate distance.

6. No Questions About Your Family and Friends

Guys who are bored of your stories about your friends and family are delaying the moment of committing to a relationship. Your boyfriend’s lack of interest in things that worry you is an obvious indicator of him being selfish and disrespectful. Think about the future of your blooming relationship and whether it is worth waiting for him.

He Is Not Ready For A Relationship

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