Every relationship is built around a set of rules and restrictions couples often define from the beginning. However, we often inherit some misconceptions about the basics of a harmonious love life from our parents, older friends and love gurus.

Those who want to find out more about the art of preserving the warmth of a marriage or a blooming love bond should definitely read through the list of 6 old relationship rules to break.

1.’Love Him With His Flaws’

Indeed, it would be exhausting to give a lesson to your cutie each time he forgets about dirty socks or other more important things. However, there’s always room for change. If you’re really disturbed by some of his flaws, you should find a wise way to help him get rid of unpleasant habits which would make both of you comfortable and happy. Show your boyfriend that you really care with a few nice words as reward him for his good deeds.

2. ‘You Should Have Everything In Common’

This is one of the worst misconceptions when it comes to long-lasting relationships. The fact that you like the same food and visit the same places is not a guarantee for a life-long marriage.

Moreover, sharing the same interest and having no new things to tell to each other would make your relationship extremely boring and monotonous. It’s not necessary to look for a guy who is exactly your opposite. Instead, find the golden middle way to make the best option.

3.’ Spend Anniversaries With Special Gifts’

Getting a pricey necklace or any other gift for anniversaries won’t help you get through the low periods of your relationship.

Therefore, instead of sticking to this cliche, make sure you show your love to your significant other during the boring weekdays. Don’t save great words and confessions to special occasions like anniversaries. Your significant other may consider it a fake and dishonest gesture.

4.’PDA is a Sign of Strong Feelings’

There are different types of guys you meet along the way. In order to decode their true feelings it is important to know more about their preferences, personality and behavior. PDA is one of the most delicate subjects you must tackle to make sure you don’t draw the wrong conclusions. Emotions can be showed in zillion ways, don’t expect your cutie to do it your way. Let him take the initiative and do it his way.

5.’Your Boyfriends Should Be Your Best Friend’

This is one of the most important rules which should be definitely re-formulated. In fact, the idea is to make sure you can share all your deepest thoughts with your significant other. However, it is also important to have a best (girl)friend from your closest circle who listens to embarrassing fantasies and other problems that could trigger conflicts in your relationship when shared with your boyfriend.

6. ‘You Need to Call Him More Times Per Day’

Constantly texting him with witty messages may seem a fun gesture. However, not all guys are flattered by these silly acts. Instead, see whether your boyfriend is ready to receive all your romantic calls with open arms and it won’t become a burden for him. A relationship can be harmonious and strong even if partners don’t call each other at least 20 times per day and share all their daily experiences later at the dinner table.

Relationship Rules to Break

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