Read through the following 6 clear signs your ex wants you back and think about what you really want from him.

Guys often change their mind after breaking up with girls. The following 6 clear signs your ex wants you back reveal whether your cutie has suddenly changed his mind about your relationship. Pay special attention to his words and body language before making a hasty decision.

1. He Repeatedly Likes and Shares Your Posts on Facebook

Often men are afraid to talk about their feelings. In order to send a subtle message to their dear ones they use different tools. Social networking is one of the most common means to show your affection for someone. If you notice that you ex likes your photos and posts, it is a clear sign that he actually changed his mind about your relationship.

2. He Chats with Your Friends and Family

Your friends and family members tell you that your ex actually stops and chats with them. Some guys have serious problems with communication.

However, those who start a conversation with the relatives and friends of their ex definitely want to make a big step for the sake of restoring the harmony in their relationship.

3. He Talks Bad About New Girls

If you've managed to stay friends with your ex and your cutie wants to show you that he loves you and he wants you back, he'll talk bad about other girls.

Guys often show their affection with silly gestures and conversations. If you hear him talk about the weaknesses of new girls in his life, it is a clear sign that he appreciates you more.

4. Jealous Looks

If your ex gives you a jealous look when you're with someone new, it is a clear sign that he's not over your breakup. When men feel intimidated by the appearance of a new man in their ex's life, it is a warning sign that they changed their mind about their past relationship.

5. Harmless Flirting

If you succeeded to save your friendship and you're still in the same friend circle, see whether he keeps flirting with you. Guys just can't stop teasing their loved ones and hide their real feelings behind the curtain of joking.

6. He Wants to Show You How Super-Happy He Is

It is one of the most obvious and pretty embarrassing gestures when a guy tries to show you how super-happy he is after he recovered from the breakup. Guys often use this strategy to mask their real emotions and convince you that everything is OK and you can remain friends.

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

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